Hi, I’m Simon, owner of Decent Darts and an amateur darts league player based in Manchester, UK. 

Quite simply I’m just your average darts enthusiast and I’ve been playing darts from an early age of around 7 years old. 

With both my dad and grandad being experienced players in the Greater Manchester district leagues for the past 40 years it’s no surprise that I ended up picking the game up. My grandad is even still playing (and winning trophies) to this day at the ripe age of 83 years old!


I play mainly in the Manchester log end (also known as the Manchester board) slip up league, however since moving house I’ll now be joining the Salford & District 501 league. 

Decent Darts Is my website aimed at helping amateur players improve their dart averages, finishing on doubles and darts mentality to become ‘decent’ dart players at league level. I’ll also be doing a range of reviews from darts, accessories and boards to the more obscure items that are coming out with current advancements in darts technology. 

Whether you are a beginner, county player or even aspiring pro, Decent Darts will be a platform to help you raise your game, improve your darts knowledge and even provide some entertainment.