About Decent Darts

Decent Darts is a hub for dart players and dart enthusiasts to come together and help improve the quality and awareness of the modern generation of darts. 

Established in 2020 by Simon Byrne (Owner and Editor-in-Chief) with the aim of helping beginners learn and play the game of darts. 

Over the years it’s evolved and we now have aspirations to be the #1 online darts resource. 

What are we doing to meet this goal: 

  • Providing the latest news and opinion across all platforms
  • Exclusive interviews
  • Engaging content across all social media channels (wherever you like to get your darts content, we aim to be there)
  • Creating a community to enjoy darts as a spectator, make the most of your darts setup as a hobbyist or even expert advice to take your game to the next level
  • In-depth product reviews and recommendations

Decent Darts also operates as part of the Rank With Text Ltd’s media network along with sister sport site Seriously Snooker. 

You can find and connect with us on the following social media platforms: 

Or contact us directly – decentdarts180@gmail.com

Decent Darts was originally a one person team and as we’ve grown to a monthly reach and audience of 20,000+ we’ve expanded in order to produce the best content, provide up to date news and commit to the most in-depth reviews and product testing on the internet. 

Below is the Decent Darts team and contact information: 

Simon Byrne – Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Simon Byrne is the founder and editor-in-chief of Decent Darts. 

He comes from a darting family based in Manchester, UK and as a result started playing darts from a young age which has led to 20+ years playing and following the sport. 

Simon has played league darts and made some local finals but darts has always been a hobby so never practiced enough to take his own game to the next level…

His ability is therefore the inspiration behind this site. 

Capable of steady 100+ scoring (60avg) and consistent finishing means he’s considered a “decent” darts player. He’s not troubling anyone at Q-School but put him on a pub team and you’ve got yourself a steady winner!

Decent Darts is a place he’s made (and is still building) for others like him.

If you get the occasional hour practice session in, buy darts gear you want but definitely don’t need, aspire to be a better player and follow the latest darts news and tournaments then this might be the place for you too.

  • Darts used – Red Dragon Razor Edge (21g)
  • Dart setup – Short Red Dragon aluminum stems, Red Dragon Hardcore slim flights, Winmau SFB Pro dartboard, Winmau Xtreme surround, Gorilla Pro dartboard stand
  • 3 dart average – 60

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