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2024 Premier League Darts: Night 16 Preview & Predictions

It’s the final night for the Premier League Darts 2024 – Night 16 takes place in Sheffield and will see Michael Smith and Nathan Aspinall go head-to-head in a must win game for both…

The winner of Smith vs Aspinall will secure the 4th and final playoff qualifying position so this is set to surely be the match of the night. 

While great friends away from the board, both will need to be locked-in tonight and put friendship aside to secure that qualifying position. 

Aspinall is currently sitting in 4th place going into the final night, however, he missed the chance to secure his position last week as Smith came out the winner of the encounter. 

Aspinall may have the position but Smith’s momentum from that head-to-head will surely give him the edge going into tonight’s matchup.  

With that said, ‘The Asp’ missed out on qualifying on the final night last year and has a fire burning to not let that happen again. 

“Every Premier League campaign I’ve played in, it has always come down to the last night!” said Aspinall ahead of tonight’s game.

“I’ve got the job done twice in three attempts. Last year was unfortunate, but I know what I’ve got to do, and I’m confident I am going to come out with a result on Thursday.”

We think Aspinall will take this one, he seems fired up and ready for the challenge. 

It’s also still all to play for at the top of the table. 

Littler needs just one win to secure top spot in his debut season and coming up against the out of form Wright, it’s hard to look past Littler going out there and doing the business. 

Now that we can look back on the season, remember following the World Championship when everyone came out and said the Premier League would be too much for Littler at his age? 

Yeah, we remember too, well, look how that’s turned out!

The young sensation has proven that he’s not over-hyped and is in fact the real deal and we’re all here for it 👏 If he avoids burnout, he’s guaranteed to challenge for the best ever based on what we’ve seen so far!

Finally, Luke Humphries (fresh from winning night 15) can still finish top of the table but it will depend on scenarios falling exactly in his favour.

Humphries will need to win the night AND Littler will need to lose to Wright. This doesn’t seem likely though which brings us onto our predictions for night 16.

It’s possible for the above to happen but we’re not seeing it, our prediction will be:

  • Littler beating Wright to top the table 
  • Aspinall to edge out Smith to secure that final qualifying spot
  • Van Gerwen to win the night – just to show that he shouldn’t be forgotten about despite his 3rd place position…

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