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6 Times Gerwyn Price SHOCKED Darts Fans

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Gerywn Price is a polarising individual. He has elite darting ability but sometimes his actions make you think he’s not actually that bothered about the sport at all, he just plays because he can…

‘The Iceman’, is a World Champion and incredibly accomplished player in what has been a relatively short career by darting standards (10 years but starting in his 30’s). 

The former professional rugby player is the first Welshman to win the World Championship and World Grand Prix whilst also holding the position of world No.1. 

For all his accolades and darting ability though, he really knows how to hit headlines! The headlines are also not always based on his darts alone either. 

Below are 6 times Gerwyn Price shocked darts fans. 


6 Times Gerwyn Price Shocked Darts Fans

1) Two Nine Darters In One Night 🔥

Gerwyn price has now competed in two professional sports (rugby and darts), so he’s an elite level performer. 

Whether it’s the mental edge, an ability to practise superbly or the ability to handle pressure on the biggest stage – or a combination of all three – Price certainly has his legendary moments on the oche. 

When his head is in the game, he’s big time. 

Unfortunately his head isn’t always in it. 

A great occasion when he was though was in the Premier League a few years ago. Then World Champion, Price hit a stunning display registering two nine darters in just a single night. 

Few players hit that in a season and most won’t hit one in their entire lifetime. 

For Price to hit two in a single night really was a moment of magic from ‘The Iceman’ that we wish he produced more regularly because we all think he can. 

2) Gerwyn Price Calls Crows ‘Pathetic’

He’s a pantomime villain. 

We never know if he actually likes to play this role or if he just can’t resist it.

Sometimes he’ll be arguing with players and fans while other times he’ll literally bring some of the criticism onto himself with his actions. 

Some players like Ted Hankey really play into the role but with Price, it’s almost impossible to tell if it’s intentional or not. 

A prime example of this is when he went out of his way to say that “the crowd are absolutely pathetic”. 

When you’ve been getting heavily booed, there are some strategies you can take like ignoring it or trying to get them back on side.

Price has the unique tactic of just publicly inviting more of it and then complaining about it. 

We know he gets booed a lot but boy does he not do anything to help himself sometimes! 

3) Wears Ear Defenders During World Championship Match 

‘The Iceman’ has never made much effort to get fans on his side. Not only does he insult them like we’ve shown in the clip earlier, but he also comes out with ways to somehow invite more negative fan interaction. 

Arguably the prime example of this came in his 2023 World Championship loss to Gabriel Clemens.

In a match where he was ‘affected by noise from the crowd’, Price took to the stage wearing a set of ear defenders. 

No one knew if that was allowed (officials included) as it was such a strange thing, it had never been seen before. 

Needless to say this action has gone down in meme and darts history both for entertainment and just for being a bit of a sore loser. 

4) Plans to Open a Chippy 🍟

Having already owned and ran a cafe in his hometown of Markham – which was shut down at the end of 2023 after struggling financially – Price is continuing his ventures away from the oche with plans in full swing to open his own fish and chip shop. 

He revealed in early 2024 that he had planning permission approved for ‘Chippy 501’, his latest business venture. 

This will also be in his hometown Markham where he seems to be on a mission to become a business tycoon in the area. 

At least we know where Luke Littler will be practising (and eating) when he’s in Wales.

5) Becomes The First Welshman to Win a World Championship

Antics aside, Gerwyn Price is a top darts player and when he won the World Championship in 2021, he cemented his place in history not just as a winner of the title but also becoming the first Welshman to achieve this. 

He went into it as the 3rd favourite after being 2nd favourite a year earlier so it wasn’t like it was a huge upset or underdog story. Price was knocking on the door. 

It’s just the fact that he actually won it. A former rugby player turned World Champ was something you just don’t see everyday.

6) Nearly Comes to Blows With Daryl Gurney

There are quite a lot of altercations when it comes to Price, something we’ve already mentioned. 

You can find compilations of him having ‘moments’ with almost everyone on the circuit including a viral one with Gary Anderson, but there’s one other in particular that stands out. 

In 2019, Price and Daryl Gurney (another fiery player should we say) really got into it when they finished their match in a draw. 

The handshake resulted in pulling and pushing before both players went head-to-head in a heated exchange of words. 

When watching it in real time, this is one of the rare occasions when you genuinely thought a fight was going to break out between players. 

Security had to come between the pair as each time one went to walk away, it escalated again. 

Ironically, this is probably a Price scenario that probably didn’t shock darts fans…

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