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Matt Porter Says ‘World Championships Will NOT Move to Saudi’

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Matt Porter, Chief Executive of the PDC has gone on record to state that the World Darts Championship will NOT be moving to Saudi Arabia as Barry Hearn seemed to hint. 

There’s not been much headline news in darts this year that hasn’t been focused around the phenom that is Luke Littler. 

That is until late may when Barry Hearn was seen on an interview hinting that he is considering moving the World Championship from its home at Alexandra Palace (Ally Pally) to Saudi Arabia. 

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The contract they have with Alexandra Palace is in its final year and amid negotiations, Hearn revealed that “The Saudis are very keen [to bring the World Championship to Saudi Arabia]”. 

This obviously sparked outrage and debate amongst fans and even players. 

Just earlier today we put out a news story with Luke Humphries voicing his desire for the World Championship to stay at Alexandra Palace

Well, Matt Porter, the PDC Chief Executive has now made a more ‘formal’ stance on whether the World Championship could move to Saudi Arabia. 

Matt Porter Says ‘World Championships Will NOT Move to Saudi’

Speaking to Online Darts, Matt Porter did not really hesitate in essentially ruling out Saudi Arabia as a viable option for the World Championship. 

Publicly going against comments from PDC President Barry Hearn, though many feel Hearn said that simply to put feelers out and spark some debate/engagement…

Matt had this to say:

“We put on our best event at Alexandra Palace. We put on the world’s most loved darts event. We put on the biggest darts event at Alexandra Palace.

“We’re not that well known for making silly decisions, I’d like to think, Generally we like to think that we don’t make that many silly decisions. 

“It would be a little bit of a strange move to just go straight from Alexandra Palace to a country that’s never had a darts tournament before with your biggest event. 

“It’s not something that is necessarily in the immediate future. 

“The World Championship is a phenomenal success at Alexandra Palace, they’re a great venue for us so it’s certainly not top of our priorities to find a new venue for the Worlds.”

Matt also revealed that they are not looking at the Great Hall (6,000 capacity) in order to increase capacity from the 3,200 West Hall as both are available at the venue. 

Many speculated that this would be a better alternative to cope with the increased demand at the World Championships and should be a priority over moving the venue but Matt explains that the logistics don’t work currently.  

To see more check out the Online Darts YouTube video below where he goes into more detail: 

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