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Best Dart Flights

6 Best Dart Flights (Standard, Slim and Specialty Flights)

Mastering accuracy and technique when playing darts is challenging enough without having to worry about poor quality equipment hindering your progress and game. Dart flights are arguably one of the most neglected dart accessories you’ll come across. 

It’s common for people to buy a cheap multi-pack set or very poor-quality flights which tear easily, lose shape and really impact your darts throw in a negative way – without most people ever noticing. 

A good set of dart flights don’t need to be expensive though, you just need to know what to look for when choosing a set of flights. 

Therefore, in this guide, we’ll be covering the best dart flights you can own. They will not miraculously improve your game but the options below will definitely help you develop a more consistent throw due to the quality and durability that they have.

6 Best Dart Flights

There are hundreds (more like thousands if we’re being honest) of different types of dart flights available, both in terms of material and design. As there are so many choices, there are undoubtedly going to be a lot of good options so we’ve done our best to narrow down our recommendations based on the following criteria:

  • Price – most budget options are good enough so don’t be tricked by marketing gimmicks 
  • Brand – we only test the best brands (don’t get the cheap bundles from a random brand) 
  • Testing – we bought and tested the flight on this list and will have images to show this, most of them we were already using
  • Type – we’ve included some specialty flights but the best in our opinion are still those most commonly used which are the standard and slim designs
#ProductOur Rating
1Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights9.5/10
2Winmau Rhino Long Life9/10
3RED DRAGON Hardcore XT Flights8.5/10
4US Darts – 3 Sets Dimplex Flights8/10
5Cosmo Darts Fit Flight8/10
6CUESOUL TERO AK4 Dart Flights8.5/10

1. Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights (Slim) – Best Overall 

Quick Review: The best overall dart flight. Harrows Retina dart flights are durable and don’t lose shape after repeated use allowing for consistent performance, regardless of the flight shape. 

Our Rating: 9.5/10

Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights are available in slim or standard sizes (the two most common) and are the best overall dart flight for players of all levels

Made with a dual-layer for added strength, the 100 micron flights are light enough to support lighter-weight darts but also incredibly durable. They won’t flex or bend out of shape from repeated use and don’t lose their shape which makes them a great option for durability and long-lasting use.

Priced under $10 for 5 x sets of flights (15 individual), these are not a bargain option compared to some of the 50+ bundle sets, however, the durability of the flight will easily outlast other cheaper options making them an affordable option for the initial investment.  

These are one of the three sets of flights I use most frequently (the other two are on this list) and I’m not the only one. These are some of the highest-rated and most purchased flights on the market demonstrating the overall product quality. 

Overall, these are our picks for the best dart flights available. The inexpensive price combined with the product quality and durability make them a great option for 95% of dart players – there are still some people that aren’t a fan. 


  • Durability The 100 micron flights with a dual-layer are incredibly durable and won’t lose shape
  • Price – An inexpensive set but comes with great value due to the durability of the flights
  • Highly Rated  – One of the most bought and highest rated sets of flights on the market


  • Rigidity – Some players find these flights too rigid and prone to breaking (I combat this with a set of flight protectors though)

2. Winmau Rhino Long Life Flights – Most Durable Flights

Quick Review: A long-lasting set of dart flights from a reputable dart brand. The extra thick flights offer sturdiness and a maintained shape.

Rating: 9/10

Winmau Rhino Long Life is an extra thick set of dart flights that are designed to be sturdy and durable for long-lasting use. 

Winmau is one of the best dart brands in the business and always produces high-quality products specifically for competitive dart players. This means that these dart flights are well manufactured and are designed to be long-lasting (like the name suggests). 

The 100 micron flight is extra thick – though not as thick as higher micron flights – and therefore allows the flight to maintain its shape and sturdiness after repeated use

Some players have commented that these flights don’t last as long or lack durability but in my experience, a set of flight protectors has done enough to easily expand the life of these flights – though these accessories aren’t for everyone. 

These flights are the ones you’ll find in my bio picture and I’ve been using them for over 3 years now (not the same set) so they are definitely a solid option.


  • Long-Lasting – When used with flight protectors or soft tip darts, a single set of these flights will last 6-8 months with regular use
  • Sturdy – The extra thick material helps these flights to easily maintain shape


  • Durability – Some people have issues with the durability of these flights but this might depend on whether you are using particularly heavy, steel tip darts
  • Design – Depending on where you purchase these flights from, the appearance/color could be different from what is advertised so read the details closely

3. RED DRAGON Hardcore XT Flights – Best Standard Flights

Quick Review: A durable and inexpensive dart flight, these are a great option for players that closely group their darts.

Rating: 8.5/10

RED DRAGON Hardcore XT dart flights are the leading range from Red Dragon Darts. They are made to be durable and long-lasting as a priority, though you can also get some with unique designs for customizability. 

In terms of usability, these flights are incredibly practical first and foremost.

These are probably my most used set of flights and you’ll see them in most of the product reviews and images on this site. I combine these with my Red Dragon Razor Edge darts for an ultra-slim dart, mainly used for grouping and high scoring.

The flights have taken damage on multiple occasions and for all the dents, tears, and snags on the flights they will still perform well for long-term use. I’ve been using a set for close to 8 months now and while the flights are noticeably damaged, the impact on performance and trajectory is relatively minimal

For usability, they are definitely an inexpensive set and have a range of designs available for players that like to customize the look of their darts. 

Also available in white


  • Shine – The subtle shine from these flights makes it easier to focus on a central point with follow up throws
  • Price – One of the cheapest flights available from a larger and more well-known dart brand
  • Highly Rated – These aren’t one of the most owned flights available but the reviews by other users are great


  • Light – These are noticeably light flights which will be good if that’s what you are looking for though a higher macron rating would be a preference for many

4. US Darts – 3 Sets (9 Flights) Dimplex – Best Dart Flights for Beginners

Quick Review: The Dimplex flights by US Darts are a great option for beginners. The design allows for more lift and drag – essentially slowing the dart down and providing more stability. 

Rating: 8/10

US Darts – 3 Sets Dimplex flights are an old-school set of dart flights that use a concept (Dimplex) that revolutionized dart flight designs in the 1980s. To demonstrate this, look at the picture I have from an old darts magazine advertising the Dimplex flights when they first came out. 

The Dimplex design works with the same concept of larger standard flights, they were a revolutionary concept in the 1980s as the Dimplex holes provide a greater surface area for the flight while keeping the size the same. 

The purpose? It provides greater drag and lift for your dart essentially slowing it down making this a great option for beginners. Dimplex flights have more drag so you’d either need a heavier dart or a harder throw to counteract this. 

It can be difficult moving from regular flights to Dimplex due to the difference in speed so keep that in mind when considering this option and what you currently use already.

Due to the design, Dimplex flights can be less durable than other options – especially some on this list, so they are not the best option if you are looking solely for a long-lasting flight.  

Dimplex flights were the first set I’d ever used when learning to play the game, if you’re reading this and have been considering some cheap (144pc) multipack flights, I’d recommend looking into an option like this. They will help you learn to throw darts and offer a good base to then improve and upgrade from


  • Unique Design – Dimplex flights were once considered to be the best, they are less popular options now but the unique design makes them stand out in the modern game
  • Beginner-Friendly – The more uniform design makes this a great option for beginners learning to throw darts


  • Durability – Not the most long-lasting option, though still better than a cheaper set of multipack flights

5. Cosmo Darts Fit Flight – Easiest to Use

Quick Review: An innovative dart flight, the Cosmo Fit flights are quick to assemble, beginner-friendly, and will maintain their shape due to the molded design. 

Rating: 8/10

Cosmo Darts Fit Flight is a relatively innovative dart flight that works as a system for ease of use – especially great for the casual player

One of the biggest annoyances for any dart player – both beginner and competitive – is that dart flights can be very fiddly when they come out of the shaft. This can be a frequent occurrence if you’re a player that can group darts closely so the Cosmo Fit flights eliminate this issue. 

The “push-in” system means that these dart flights can be inserted quicker than any other type of dart flight. It doesn’t impact performance in any way but it’s definitely something that people appreciate for quick dart assembly and ease of use

This is definitely an issue in darts, check out our guide for “regular” flight owners on how to stop dart flights coming loose

Despite being a very low maintenance option, these are specialized flights and will therefore only work with a certain kind of dart shaft. This limits compatibility and will restrict what shafts and flights you can use once you own these. 

Finally, it’s worth pointing out that the molded flights are designed to maintain their shape and are the most durable option you can get when it comes to a flight material. The molding allows the flight to maintain shape and this allows for a consistent throw even after repeated use

Overall, if you decide to use a push-in flight setup for your darts, the Cosmo Fit flights are the best option you can consider. 


  • Easy Installation – The push-in flights make assembly quick and effortless. Definitely, something that’s appreciated during a game
  • Durable Design – The molded flights are made from a solid construction ensuring they maintain shape for consistent performance


  • Limited Compatibility – If using these flights you’ll need to use a specific dart shaft that can be used with this flight design, this limits compatibility with other types of dart shaft

6. CUESOUL TERO AK4 Dart Flights – Best Flights for Soft Tip Darts

Quick Review: A versatile dart flight that provides a consistent 90-degree flight spread for consistent throws and minimal bounce-outs. 

Rating: 8.5/10

CUESOUL TERO AK4, like the Cosmo Fit flights above, are a specialist and more modern dart flight that is ideal for soft tip darts and steel tip variants alike

The Cuesoul Tero AK4 is a solid design that comes in a variety of shapes. Typically, specialist flights will usually only come with the standard flight shape as it’s easier to mass manufacture but this range has all necessary shapes including slim, kite, and diamond. 

This allows for a greater variety and means that the design has something that will cater to all players

You’ll also get a consistent 90-degree angle and spread with these flights due to the molded material used. This allows for a consistent throw with the longevity of use.

This is still a developing product though and there are some flaws to keep in mind. Firstly, the lip on the flight is too pronounced. This makes for a larger contact area and can lead to more bounce-outs for players that closely group their darts. 

Secondly, some designs are not the most durable yet and can be quite brittle to use. This means if you use a heavier dart then you could quite easily damage these flights with collisions or bounce-outs.

Overall though, this is an innovative and hugely popular set that is particularly useful for any soft tip dart player. They still aren’t at a stage where they can compete with regular dart flights (as evidenced by no professional player using them) but they are a great option for casual players and can only improve over time. 


  • Variable Shapes – A push-in flight system that also comes with various commonly used flight shapes catering to more dart players
  • Consistent Shape – The molded flights provide a consistent 90-degree shape for consistent throwing and longevity


  • Refinement Needed – The material used and overall design needs to be tweaked slightly before these can be considered as one of the best flights on the market. 

Buyers Guide – How to Choose Dart Flights

Flights are an inexpensive and simple addition to a dart but they are also an essential component that impacts how the dart travels through the air, what angle it lands in the board at, and more importantly – the overall performance of a dart. 

With that in mind, there are some individual factors you need to keep in mind when looking into a set of dart flights. 

What are Dart Flights

Dart flights attach to the dart shaft and both balance out the weight of the dart whilst also giving it lift and balance when thrown. 

While you’d think the streamlined look of a dart barrel will make it more aerodynamic and give it the trajectory when thrown, the flight is what is actually responsible for allowing a dart to travel through the air with accuracy. 

For more details on dart flights, you can check out our dedicated guide on how to choose the correct dart flights for your throw

Types of Dart Flights

Modern dart flights come in a variety of shapes and sizes and this is the most important thing to look for with a flight. While designs are good for an aesthetic look, the performance of the dart will depend on your dart barrel and weight. 

Different types of flights will balance out the weight of the dart and can be used for different purposes. The below are the most common types of dart flights that most people will use and benefit from. 

Standard Flights – The most common option, standard flights provide good lift and trajectory – especially for heavier darts. These are the best option for beginners. 

Slim Flights – Allow for more speed with a throw and provide a flatter trajectory. Best used with lighter darts.

Pear Flights – The teardrop design provides good lift and trajectory, ideal for players that “lob” their darts on a throw. 

Kite Flights – A mix between a standard and slim flight, you get a good lift and control with this flight but sacrifice some speed. 

V Wing – A fast flight that offers more lift than a pear shaped flight but comes with less stability. Mainly used with lighter darts and shorter shafts.

Fan Tail – These are incredibly fast flights but offer less stability through the air. Will wobble and hit the board at a sidewards angle for many players but they are ideal for fast throwers. 

Material and Microns

Dart flights can come in a few different materials depending on the brand and type of flight, however, something more important to consider is the micron rating for each dart. The micron count represents the thickness of the dart flight which ultimately impacts the weight of the dart, trajectory, and also durability. 

The different micron ratings are:

  • 75 microns
  • 100 microns (most common)
  • 125 microns
  • 150 microns (super thick)


Over the years I’ve tested almost every type of flight imaginable and some factors always remain consistent. Firstly, if you buy a cheap multipack of flights for a few dollars, you won’t save money. It looks good getting a set of 100+ flights with countless designs but each one will only last a few weeks. 

Therefore, opt for an established brand that provides a set of 9-15. They will be a similar price, have far fewer flights, yet last so much longer making them a better long-term investment saving you money. You also need to factor in the shape and material which can only come with trial and error. 

To minimize the learning curve – we recommend the following as the best dart flights at the time of writing: 

  1. Harrows Retina – Best Overall
  2. Winmau Rhino – Most Durable
  3. Red Dragon Hardcore – Best Value

There are countless options but if you get a few of these sets to test out, you’ll end up using them for years to come just like I have.