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Best Dart Gifts

11 Best Dart Gifts (Novelty Dart Gifts for Dart Fanatics)

Darts is a very unique game/sport. There are people who don’t like it (or have never heard of it), people who enjoy a casual game of darts in the bar or watching a PDC championship on the TV, and people who are simply obsessed with darts. 

If you – or someone you know – fall into the latter category of being a dart enthusiast then this is the ideal article for you. I’ll be covering some of the best dart gifts around that any fan of the game will truly appreciate. 

Read on to see what gifts you could get for a darts lover… 

The best dart gifts are:

  1. Dart Tune Up Kit
  2. Dart Flight Punch
  3. Dart Caddy
  4. Dart Sharpener
  5. Personalized Dartboard
  6. Personalized Dart Flights
  7. Darts Scorer
  8. Darts Add a Gram
  9. Darts Book
  10. Dart Flight Protectors
  11. Novelty Dart Gifts

11 Best Dart Gifts

Below, I’ve made a roundup list of 11 of the best gifts you can get for a darts player (in my opinion of course). These will include individual products or broader categories that will appeal to casual and expert dart players alike. 

1. Darts Tune Up Kit

The number one darts gift for any dart player is an accessory kit. Darts are prone to wear and tear and parts either become broken, worn, or just in need of a replacement for a fresher look. 

Darts tune up kits include everything a player needs to keep their darts in tip top shape. Some common items you’ll find in these tune up kits will likely include:

  • Dart flights 
  • Dart stems 
  • Dart “O” rings 
  • Dart sharpener 
  • Dart flight protectors 
  • Dart tool 

This is by no means a comprehensive list and depending on the set you could get more or fewer accessories but these are definitely appreciated by most dart players who never think to buy these sets for themselves. 

Check out Viper Dart Accessory Pack 

2. Dart Flight Punch

A darts flight punch is a very specific accessory mainly used by more serious players. The purpose of a darts flight punch is so that you can use a locking ring to attach flights to a step. 

Sounds strange? 

Well, flights have a habit of coming loose and falling off when throwing. This not only decreases accuracy but can mean lost points and ultimately lost games. Therefore, a flight punch is a simple tool with a very specific and beneficial use. 

If you or someone you know play league games then this gift is arguably essential! 

Check out the Viper Darts Flight Punch

3. Dart Caddy

Know someone that’s proud of their darts set up at home? You’ll find players have a board, cabinet, surround, scorer, darts mat, and a range of other items to display their darts setup or play area, but do you ever see the darts displayed? 

A darts caddy allows players to store their darts when not in use and also acts as a visual display. These caddies can be wall-mounted or attached to the cabinet for easy storage and to act as a display for your prized dart sets. 

Check out the Viper Dart Caddy

4. Dart Sharpener

Blunt darts might not be something most players think about, especially for those that use soft tip darts. If, however, you use steel tip darts, keeping them sharp should be a priority. 

Blunt darts happen as a result of bounce-outs or from repeated play and contact with the board but fortunately, sharpening them is not only easy to do but can be done with a cheap dart accessory. 

Check out Harrows Dart Sharpener Keyring

To learn how to sharpen darts properly with this tool you should check out my article, how to sharpen darts here.

5. Personalized Dartboard

No gift roundup is complete without a personalized option and darts are no different. Something I’ve come across lately is the option to personalize a dartboard with an image of your choice. 

Now, I’m not sure about the quality of the dartboard with these dartboards as they are definitely more for the novelty aspect but they’re definitely interesting! 

A pet, someone’s face, favorite sports club, or just about anything you want can be placed on these dartboards so you can either use them as a funny surprise or for a more sentimental gift. 

6. Personalized Dart Flights

Personalized dart flights are a gift for the more serious player. Most competitive players will have a customized or personalized flight set and it’s usually the sign of a more serious dart player. 

A nickname, club/team logo, or specific design of your choice can be used to personalize your dart flights and help to create a truly unique darts set. 

7. Darts Scorer

Know someone that’s bad at maths? 

Calculating your score for 501 darts or cricket darts is often one of the most frustrating things for dart players. Regardless of how good you are at throwing, there are always players who struggle with the arithmetic side of darts. 

For those players, an electronic scorer is a time and stress saver like you wouldn’t believe! If you’re looking for a scorer you’ll want to make sure it’s one for the game you (or the person you buy it for) actually play. 

The Arachnid below is ideal for those playing cricket whereas the Viper is best for those that play X01 darts. 

Check out Arachnid Dart Scorer

Also check out Viper Digital Dart Scorer

8. Darts Add a Gram

One of the most unique dart gifts or accessories I’ve seen is the darts add a gram. 

Most beginners will buy a set of darts but not truly know what dart weight suits them best, it’s definitely a learning process and something I cover in more depth in a guide on ways to get better at darts.

Once you get accustomed to a set you’ll know whether or not the darts are working for you and the add a gram accessory allows you to literally add 1g to the weight of your darts. 

This is ideal if you see a set of darts that are not available in your weight or for balancing out a dart that might be offset due to the stem, flight, or overall darts setup. 

Add a gram are available in 1g or 2g increments. 

Check out US Darts Add a Gram

9. Darts Book

Reading books and darts are not usually two hobbies or interests that go hand in hand but if you (or someone you know) are really into darts, there’s no denying that there are some good books on the market for darts fanatics. 

Personally, I’ve read Phil Taylor’s autobiography and while the number of dart books is quite a few and far between, you can still find some good ones that catch the eye. 

Some books you can check out include:

10. Dart Flight Protectors

Protecting your darts equipment is often an afterthought or something that gets no thought at all. Dart flights take a battering for good players who group their darts but a quick fix is to use some flight protectors. 

The aluminum tips allow dart points to glide past the dart which protects the flight from splitting and also prevents lost points from Robin hoods (where one dart gets stuck in the flight of another and you don’t get a score for it)

See our guide on the importance (and use) of dart flight protectors.

11. Novelty Dart Gifts

Pin badges, mugs, coasters, t-shirts… the list is endless when it comes to novelty gifts for dart fanatics. There are too many items to recommend but it’s worth checking out:

Or even just Amazon to find some useful gifts. Trust me, the list is endless when it comes to novelty gifts that could make some decent stocking fillers. 

Final Thoughts

There’s a saying that darts is a funny old game and when you see some of the gifts you can get for dart players, you’ll definitely understand that saying! 

If you look past basic items like t-shirt and coffee cups, the kind of gifts you can get for dart players will not only be appreciated but will also help improve their game. 

While the list above is not exhaustive, there are enough items to ensure you can’t go wrong by getting one of them. If you’ve come across any other interesting dart gifts then feel free to drop me an email and I’ll look to include any good ones on this list.