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The Best Dartboard Stands Reviewed

5 Best Dartboard Stands (Portable & Easy to Set Up)

Typically, dartboards are mounted to walls in most homes and this is the best option for most people. Once mounted, they are stable, always positioned at the correct height, and easy to just pick up a game whenever you feel like it. 

Unfortunately for some people, however, mounting a dartboard is simply not an option in their current home. 

There might not be room for it, their tenancy agreement might not allow for it, or in some rare cases, their partner simply does not want one to be hung up on display (apparently dartboards don’t tend to match most home décor…)

Therefore if you’ve found yourself in a situation like this and you need to get your darts fix, a portable dartboard stand is likely going to be the best option and in this article I’ll cover the best dartboard stands on the market.

Quick Summary

Our Pick
Gorilla Dartboard Stand

  • Easy to assemble
  • Stable (doesn’t shake much)
  • Reasonably priced

Runner Up

  • Heavy duty
  • Can be braced to the wall
  • High quality material

Good Value
Designa Darts Tripod

  • All-in-one set
  • Budget price

5 Best Dartboard Stands

#ProductOur Rating
1Gorilla Arrow Pro Portable Dartboard Stand9.5/10
2Unicorn Dartmate Tri-Stand Portable Dartboard Stand8/10
3WINMAU Xtreme Dartboard Stand 29/10
4GRAN Darts Portable Tripod Dartboard Stand8/10
5Designa Darts Travel Stand Tripod9/10

1. Gorilla Arrow Pro Portable Dartboard Stand Best Overall

Quick Review: Get this dartboard stand if you want an all-around excellent value for money stand that’s durable, easy to set up, and has minimal shake when throwing.

Our Rating: 9.5/10

The Gorilla Arrow Pro portable dartboard stand is the market leader when it comes to dartboard stands and for good reason (just to confirm this is the stand that I own and can personally vouch for the quality of this stand).

This universal dartboard stand fits any dartboard on the market and the only tool you’ll require is a screwdriver for attaching the bracket. 

The steel construction of the stand with aluminum accessories means this stand is both lightweight and incredibly durable for those wanting to take it to different locations for a pickup game. 

The handy portable, over the shoulder carry bag, is also a great addition to increase the portability of this stand. 

The ease of assembly is the key feature with this model and the initial assembly will take no more than 10 minutes with a subsequent takedown and set up times of only a few minutes.

While the assembly instructions are not the best, a handy YouTube video takes users through the process in only 6 minutes for perfect assembly even for beginners


  • Easy Assembly: This dartboard stand takes only a few minutes to assemble and set up, especially when using the YouTube assembly video for reference.
  • Stable: There is a small amount of wobble with this stand but it’s not noticeable when throwing and overall it’s a solid stand.
  • Price: This is one of the most value for money stands on the market. Considering the quality of the stand I’m definitely quite surprised by the affordable price.


  • Instruction Manual: It’s a good thing the assembly video is available on YouTube because the assembly instruction manual is quite unclear when it comes to adjustment.

2. Unicorn Dartmate Tri-Stand Portable Dartboard Stand Best Portable Dartboard Stand

Quick Review: If you are looking for a solid dartboard stand, at a reasonable price and from a trusted manufacturer then this is a decent option. 

Rating: 8/10

If you are looking for a solid dartboard stand from a reliable manufacturer, the Unicorn Dartmate stand is a great option. Unicorn have become slightly less popular in recent years but this dartboard stand is certainly a product that will last you for many years of play. 

It’s lightweight, folds away quickly and is easy to adjust which is ideal for portability and speed of setup. At just under 9lbs in weight, this dartboard stand is also one of the lightest on the market.

The height adjustable stand is easier to adjust than some others on this list which helps with the quick set up and fold away. 

While some think the dartboard wobbles during use, it isn’t enough to have any impact on your throw but something to keep in mind is that it is a dartboard stand ONLY as some users thought it included the dartboard or surround. 

Overall, this is a solid product but is more for those that want a branded dartboard stand as there are some better options in my opinion. 


  • Portability: The stand folds away in seconds with minimal hassle which is ideal for pickup games or for playing darts on the go. 
  • Solid: The build quality is solid and despite the lightweight design for ease of portability, it will hold upright with ease. 
  • Height Adjustable: The height is adjustable and while you will need to practice on regulation height, the adjustable height is good for children.


  • Stand Only: While this is not necessarily a bad thing, the product description could definitely be clearer as some customers thought they were receiving a surround as well (which is not included).
  • Wobble: There is a slight wobble when removing darts but the overall structure is sturdy and solid.

3. WINMAU Xtreme Dartboard Stand 2 Best Overall Dartboard Stand

Quick Review: Get this product if you want a premium option dartboard stand that is one of the most stable and highly rated products on the market. 

Rating: 9/10

The Winmau Xtreme dartboard stand is a professional quality dartboard stand that you’ll find being used for practice boards on the competition circuit worldwide. It’s a trusted brand, a solid product but does also come with a slightly higher price than some of the other options on the market. 

Firstly, the build quality of this product is almost unmatched and is primed for heavy-duty use. It’s solid steel construction means that it’s stable and will not wobble during use. Not only that but the included wall brace means you can still attach it to a wall for stability but also use it as a portable stand on the move. 

Due to the heavy-duty construction, you can mount almost any dartboard to it and it will stay solid and secure. 

The price will likely be a stumbling block for some people, especially given the cheaper options on this list but this is a premium quality product that is even tournament ready. The weight might also be an inconvenience for some as it’s a heavy stand by most standards. 

Overall though, this is one of the best dartboard stands available and comes highly rated by most of its users


  • Heavy-duty: This is one of the most solid and durable stands on the market and is the best replacement for a wall mounted cabinet.
  • Wall Brace: The stand is incredibly sturdy on its own however the wall brace is a nice addition to ensure an unmovable board during play.
  • Highly Rated: This is one of the highest rated stands available and most users are happy with it even with the higher price.


  • Heavy: It’s a solid stand but among the heaviest on the market.
  • Price: This is on the more expensive side for what you might want to pay for a dartboard stand but in terms of quality, it’s the best on the market. 

4. GRAN Darts Portable Tripod Dartboard Stand Best for Beginners

Quick Review: If you need a basic dartboard stand that will allow you to play darts on the go, the GRAN dartboard stand is a good no-fuss option.

Rating: 8/10

The GRAN Darts portable dartboard stand is a mid-range product that will cover all of your basic needs. You’ll get universal brackets to fit most dartboards and a great looking carry bag for bringing your practice time on the road. 

It’s a very lightweight option at under 6lbs so portability is the key selling point with this product. Set up time is relatively fast and it’s easy to adjust (two adjustment points), though it could take some initial adjusting to get it just right. 

One issue that might bother some ls that this is not the most stable or sturdy when it comes to dartboard stands. You’ll notice that it will shake during use but it shouldn’t be enough to cause any throwers an issue (unless you are an incredibly fast thrower). 

I’d consider this to be an average dartboard stand that simply fits a purpose, to take your dartboard on the go or move it around your house with ease. For that reason it’s a decent option but nothing more in my opinion. 


  • Universal Brackets: The universal O type bracket and specific U bracket (for Gran dartboards) allow for universal mounting of any board.
  • Carry Bag: The stand comes with a great looking carry bag.


  • Unstable: This is not the most sturdy when it comes to dartboard stands and you will need to place the legs against something to support it. 

5. Designa Darts Travel Stand Tripod Best Value

Quick Review: If you are looking for an all in one solution for a portable dartboard, the Designa dartboard set is ideal for beginners and seasoned players alike. 

Rating: 9/10

The Designa darts travel stand is an all in one bundle that is ideal for beginners or players that spend a lot of time traveling and want a simple solution to get some practice time when away from home.  

With this product, you are getting a complete set consisting of dartboard, dartboard surround and of course the dartboard stand making the the perfect gift for a dart fan or and all in one solution for darts at home

The Eclipse dartboard is a solid option and this product is very inexpensive and excellent value for money. The overall cost for the combined products comes in at less than the cost of some other dartboard stands alone. 

The dartboard stand itself is quite solid and stable but it’s not a specially made stand like some of the others on this list and is therefore better suited to those looking for a bundle product. 


  • Complete Set: The range of products you get with this bundle makes it ideal for beginners. 
  • Value for Money: This is a very affordable product considering all of the items that come with it. 
  • Reliable: It’s a solid product range that overs an all in one solution for a home dart set up. 


  • Not Specialized: As this is a bundle set, the dartboard stand is not specially made.

Editors Pick

Best dart board stand

The best dartboard stand in our opinion is the Gorilla Arrow Pro Portable Dartboard Stand. This stand features everything you need from portability, ease of assembly thanks to the incredibly helpful YouTube video, and minimal shaking during throwing. 

There’s also the handy fact that this dartboard stand is also one of the most inexpensive and value for money stands on the market! I’ve been using this stand for around a year now and it’s about as good as you can expect from a stand in my opinion.

Why Use a Dartboard Stand

Dartboard stands are designed specifically for people who don’t have the wall real estate to mount a dartboard in their home. A portable stand is not only ideal for setting a dartboard up anywhere you want quickly and easily but oftentimes they could be a better option than mounting a dartboard.

The flexibility that a portable stand provides means that you can set a dartboard up anywhere and at any time for practice or just fun and we’ve reviewed the 5 best dartboard stands on the market. 

As you probably know if you follow our reviews, we cater to both the UK and US market when selecting products and I actually own one of the stands on this list so you can be safe in the knowledge that these reviews are in-depth and accurate.

What to Look for in a Dartboard Stand

Not all dartboard stands are created equally and as you may have noticed, I’ve mainly recommended a certain type of dartboard stand. The best design, in my opinion, is an aluminum stand that is easy to fold away, has expanding legs to create a solid base, and also comes with a universal mounting bracket.

There are heavy wooden dartboard stands on the market as well as some heavier steel options and even some unique DIY options but an aluminum stand offers the best versatility. 

It will of course depend on what you are looking for in a stand as wooden options will look better whilst steel options provide the most sturdiness (minimal wobble) but, in general, an aluminum stand is a good way to go.

How to Attach a Dartboard to a Stand

Most dartboard stands (especially those we’ve mentioned above), will come with a pre-drilled mounting bracket that will allow you to attach your dartboard to the stand without needing to drill holes into your boards or any other DIY method. 

The picture below shows the bracket that came with the Gorilla Pro stand and the mounting bracket simply screwed into the back of my Winmau dartboard which already has mounting holes pre-drilled by the manufacturer. 

The most popular dartboards will all come with pre-drilled mounting holes, you’ll only need to get more creative if you have a cheap starter board that is unbranded and does not have these holes already drilled. 

For most boards and stands though you can quickly screw the bracket to the dartboard and this will slot into the stand for fast and effortless set up which is why I’ve only recommended these specific stands, ease of assembly is the name of the game here. 


When choosing the best dartboard stand it’s important to remember a few key points to ensure that you are getting the right product. 

The key things to look out for are portability (for ease of setting it up in multiple locations), sturdiness (for minimal dartboard wobbling), and build quality.

When building a full, portable dart set up you might also want to check out additional equipment like a dartboard surround, darts mat, or dartboard light.