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7 Best Soft Tip Darts (Beginner, Budget & Pro Options)

Best Soft Tip Darts

Soft tip darts are traditionally considered to be a cheap and flimsy alternative to steel tip darts with most people using them for “toys” as soft tip darts are considered to be safer for children.

With that said, the emergence of electronic dartboards and ultimately soft tip darts in North America and East Asia has seen this version of darts become incredibly popular over the last decade and as something increases in popularity the quality of product and innovation follows… 

Soft tip darts have benefited from this in recent years with the product quality increasing noticeably. In this article, we’ve reviewed, rated, and recommended some of the best soft tip darts available today. We’ve narrowed the list down to 7 options and some of these will definitely give steel tip variations a run for their money! 

What are Soft Tip Darts

We’ve got a buyers guide later in this article outlining everything you need to know before getting a set of soft tip darts (especially if you’re new to soft tip variations), for now though it’s good to know exactly what soft tip darts are. 

Modern soft tip darts will have all of the same dart components that you’d expect to see in a steel tip set – including barrel, shaft, and flights – with one key difference, the dart point. 

Soft tip darts use a flexible plastic point whereas steel tip darts use a solid steel point. This means that these darts are primarily used on an electronic dartboard which has a webbing with holes in to hold the dart. 

Below we’ll cover the best soft tip darts with tested and reviewed options to suit all skill levels and maybe more importantly, all budgets!

7 Best Soft Tip Darts 

#ProductOur Rating
1Viper Astro 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts9.5/10
2WIN.MAX Darts Soft Tip Dart7.5/10
3Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts8/10
4RED DRAGON Amberjack Soft Tip8.5/10
5Sanfeng Soft Tip Darts Set7.5/10
6Target Darts Power 8-Zero (Black Titanium)8.5/10
7Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten9/10

1. Viper Astro 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts – Best Overall

Quick Review: One of the most popular and highest rated soft tip dart sets on the market. The Viper Astro is a solid set of darts for beginners and casual players being well designed and at an affordable price. 

Our Rating: 9.5/10

Material80% Tungsten
Length44.2 mm
Width6.35 mm
Weight16g, 18g

Viper Astro 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts is one of the most used soft tip darts on the market. They are reasonably priced and have some features that make them an excellent option for beginners and experienced players alike

Made from 80% tungsten, you’ll get a slim dart profile that is also machined with a diamond cut barrel and knurled rings for a firmer gripping surface and more control over the dart. These darts are middle weighted in terms of weight distribution and benefit from using a slim flight design for optimal flight.

The Viper Astro is one of the most bought and highest-rated soft tip darts on the market. I’m not saying they are a professional set, but for the average player, they are well designed with everything you need. 

Due to the popularity and high rating of the product, beginners can be confident that you’ll get a reliable and very usable set of darts

Non-dart related, this set comes with a range of accessories and the case is arguably the standout feature. Instead of a generic case, you’ll get a more durable option with elastic rings to hold the darts in place when traveling and the key benefit – the darts can be stored with the flights still attached!

Factoring in the popularity, price, and overall performance you’d find it hard to find a better set of soft tip darts under the $100 mark.


  • Grip – Diamond cut grip with knurled rings allow for a fairly aggressive gripping surface to minimize darts slipping
  • Rating – One of the most bought and highly rated soft tip dart sets on the market. The Viper Astro has a solid reputation
  • Accessories – Comes with spare tips, a dart tool, and a durable dart case offering a full dart set bundle 


  • Variety – There are a lot of similar Viper darts on the market at a similar price making it difficult to recommend a set that suits all preferences

2. WIN.MAX Darts Soft Tip Dart – Best for Groups or Families

Quick Review: A budget darts set ideal for beginners and or large groups. The set is basic but has everything you need to get started playing soft tip darts. 

Rating: 7.5/10

MaterialNickel Silver
Length50 mm
Width8.5 mm

WIN.MAX Darts Soft Tip Dart is a great budget and bundle option for those new to darts or those looking for a budget dart set for family play or large groups. 

The huge bundle set comes with 4 sets of darts (12 individual), 20 x rubber o-rings to keep the shaft and tip secure, 100 x spare tips, 12 x flights, a dart tool, and 16 x flight protectors meaning you get everything you’d possibly need in this great value set

The main thing to keep in mind with this dart set is that it’s not a professional set. There are some good features like knurling and laser etching for grip but the darts are brass meaning they have a larger profile which will make grouping darts difficult for players. 

If you are just getting started and need a basic set of darts to start playing then this would be our recommendation. If, however, you’re a decent player then this set won’t be of any interest to you. 


  • Price – Definitely the key benefit is the price. This is a budget set with everything you need to get started playing darts
  • Multi-Set – Multiple sets of darts make this great for families or large groups and has all the accessories needed


  • Quality – This is a budget dart set meaning it’s more for casual players and those learning the game
  • Usability – These darts are only really for the casual player and won’t benefit someone looking for a decent set of darts

3. Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts – Best Budget Set

Quick Review: The Viper Sure Grip is a budget soft tip dart set ideal for beginners. Featuring a rubber grip and affordable price, this is a set perfectly suited to first-time darters. 

Rating: 8/10

MaterialNickel Silver
LengthNot Specified
WidthNot Specified
Weight16g, 18g

Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts are arguably the best beginner set of soft tip darts on the market. 

Firstly, the price is about as budget-friendly as you’ll find for a set of darts of this quality. They are one of the most affordable darts on the market and suitable for people with even the lowest budget

The product also comes with a lifetime barrel guarantee ensuring that you get great value and longevity from the darts

In terms of performance, the Sure Grip is a very basic set of darts but does come with a grooved barrel and rubberized sleeve which is a great addition for anyone new to darts. It allows for a more comfortable grip and gives players a good surface to learn how to grip a dart comfortably

The only real downside of this product is that it’s a beginner set in our opinion. This means it’s missing high-end features that you’d get with a quality tungsten set so most people would eventually look to upgrade. 

Overall though, the low price point and rubber sleeve for a comfortable grip make these an excellent entry-level dart set that most beginners or casual players will appreciate. 


  • Great Value – The budget price offers exceptional value for a dart set and these are definitely better than similarly priced “basic” dart sets
  • Beginner Set – Due to the affordable price, this is an excellent starter set for beginners. The rubberized grip also comfortably allows you to get used to holding a dart
  • Customizable – The rubber sleeve comes in a variety of colors so you can choose a set that matches your individual color preference 


  • Beginner Set – For all the great features this dart has, it’s still a beginner set with few high-end features

4. RED DRAGON Amberjack 1 Soft Tip – Highest Rated

Quick Review: One of the highest-rated soft tip darts, the Red Dragon Amberjacks are high-density tungsten set with a slim profile for better grouping and scoring. They also feature an eye-catching design.  

Rating: 8/10

Material90% Tungsten
Length48.7 mm
Width6.2 mm

RED DRAGON Amberjack Soft Tip darts are one of the most popular soft tip darts on the market (similar in popularity to the Viper Astro). 

The key benefit or feature of these darts is their high-quality manufacturing. Made from 90% tungsten, the darts come with an ultra-slim barrel making them ideal for grouping and high scoring. The only point I’d note is that they don’t have any noticeable grooves or knurling points so the grip is not what you’d consider being great.

I own the steel tip variation of the Amberjacks and know firsthand that they have a great grip and trajectory for consistent and high scoring. 

For the price (not the budget), you’re going to get a very affordable set of darts that are competition-ready. In terms of ranking, this is a competitive set of darts that is ideal for any player moving from casual to competitive

Overall, there are very few downsides to the Red Dragon Amberjacks. For a newly competitive player, they are one of the best soft tip darts on the market for the price and could be a better option than the Viper Astro depending on your personal preference. 


  • Popularity – This dart has been in production for over two decades demonstrating the product quality and popularity of the set
  • Product Quality – The 90% tungsten dart is machined to a high standard and offers a slim profile for enhanced dart grouping. 
  • Price – This is not a budget option but for the relatively affordable price, you’re going to get a solid set of dart


  • Design – The orange color is certainly eye-catching and is what makes the Amberjacks so noticeable but if you’re not a fan it’s, unfortunately, the only colorway

5. Sanfeng Soft Tip Darts Set – Best for Beginners

Quick Review: A budget dart set with accessories for players new to the game of darts. 

Rating: 7.5/10

MaterialNickel Silver

Sanfeng Soft Tip Darts Set is a beginner-friendly option that I personally own. If anyone is new to darts then this is a set worth picking up to test out before you look to invest into a more expensive set (because most people will want to upgrade at some point).

The standout feature with these darts is clearly in the price and value you’ll get from this set. While they are not the cheapest set possible, they come with enough accessories to make them one of the most budget-friendly options on the market.

You’ll also get a lifetime guarantee to provide further value from this set. 

Each set includes 3 darts, 50 x spare plastic tips, 6 x flights in 2 patterns, 3 x nylon shafts, 50 x rubber O-rings, and a dart case. 

While I’m a fan of the accessories, when throwing with this set you can tell they are a relatively cheap set and don’t have the same level of comfort or weight balance as a solid set of tungsten darts. 

I’m a fan of the grip, especially considering I struggle with sweaty hands during play but as mentioned, it’s nothing special and just feels good compared to other cheap models but doesn’t compare to a more machined set like the Harrows Wolfram which is also on this list. 

The one drawback we’d need to point out is that these are a cheap set of darts. The nickel silver barrels and cheap case are great for beginners and getting started with soft tip darts but for competitive play, you’d want to upgrade to a high-quality tungsten set. 

Overall though, this is a great budget option and has everything you need to get started playing and practicing. 


  • Price – Easily the main benefit of this set is the budget price with all accessories included
  • Value – A lifetime guarantee ensures that you’ll get great value from this product even with the already budget-friendly price


  • Cheap Material  – The material for the darts and accessories are cheap and budget range (reflected by the price)
  • Basic – These are mainly a starter set, I got them to test out an electronic dartboard but you’ll eventually want to upgrade to a more professional set.

6. Target Darts – Phil Taylor Power 8-Zero Soft Tip Darts – Best Design

Quick Review: A high-quality dart set endorsed by one of the greatest players of all time. You’ll get a dart set that looks visually impressive with black Titanium Nitride coating along with a great gripping surface. 

Rating: 8.5/10

Material80% Tungsten
Length50.8 mm
Width6.35 mm
Weight16g – 20g

The Target Darts Power 8-Zero (Black Titanium) is the officially endorsed darts from 16 x World Champion (and arguably greatest dart player of all time) Phil Taylor. There is a range of dart sets officially endorsed by Phil Taylor in collaboration with Target darts and the Power 8-Zero is one of the best options available. 

Manufactured from a dense 80% tungsten billet, the 8-Zero set goes through multiple machining stages to enhance the grip and look of the dart. With laser etching and two specific grip zones, you’ll get an enhanced grip with this dart for an easier throw and release

The barrel is then coated in black Titanium Nitride to give it a striking appearance whilst also making it more resistant to wear and tear from scratches or scuffs. This allows the dart to stay looking better for longer

The product comes highly rated by most owners and there aren’t too many downsides to this dart. It’s a reasonably priced mid-range set, is well machined for grip and aesthetic, and comes endorsed by one of the all-time greats!


  • Appearance – The titanium model offers a striking aesthetic perfect for a clean ‘all black’ darts set
  • Enhanced Grip – This set has laser etched areas along the barrel for an enhanced grip, ideal for those that have issues with sweaty hands when throwing
  • Player Endorsed – This set has been designed in collaboration with one of the greatest dart players of all time


  • Mid-Range – This is the mid-range option in the Phil Taylor range by Target meaning there are some other options that are better suited to professional players

7. Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten – Premium Option

Quick Review: The Harrows Wolfram is a premium quality tungsten dart set. 97% tungsten allows for an incredibly slim dart profile for better grouping and comes match weighted for professional use. 

Rating: 9/10

Material97% Tungsten
Length47 mm
Width6.6 mm
Weight18g, 20g

Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts are a professional quality set of soft tip darts. 

The injection-molded, 97% tungsten produces a superior quality barrel that allows for a slim dart profile with an even weight distribution throughout the dart. This is ideal for grouping darts and allows for higher scoring as a result (one of the key reasons why tungsten darts are often considered to be the best

You’ll also find that these darts are manufactured to a professional standard. They are match weighed to +/- 0.05g ensuring that the weight of each dart is consistent – something that is essential for tournament or professional players. 

The darts are also machine-turned throughout the barrel. This essentially creates more grooves and allows for a better grip to stop darts from slipping during release. This combined with the balanced weight distribution means this dart can be used by both front and rear grippers. 

It’s not a flawless product though, the recommended and included shafts for this set are prone to breaking easily and if we’re honest, the price range might be out of budget for many casual throwers – though this is why we mention they are manufactured to be a premium quality darts set. 

Overall, the Harrows Wolfram Infinity is a very nice set of soft tip darts. They have most features you’d expect to see on a high-end steel tip set and with the high tungsten rating, they certainly give you a better chance for high scoring throws!


  • Product Quality – 97% tungsten allows for an incredibly slim dart profile for enhanced grouping and scoring
  • Professional Set – These darts are match weighed to +/- 0.05 grams 
  • Grip – The darts are turned throughout the barrel to create a solid grip for both front and rear grip players


  • Shafts – The super grip shafts that come with this product are considered to be high quality but break very easily on bounce-outs
  • Price – This is on the high end when it comes to price (mainly due to product quality which is justifiable)

Editors Pick 

Our pick for the best soft tip dart is split with Viper being the main recommendation. The best overall soft tip dart set is the Viper Astro 80% Tungsten and the best budget soft tip darts are the Viper Sure Grip

The Viper Astro are an all-around solid set of darts with great grip, a mid-range price, and a great weight distribution making them a good option for both beginners and competitive players. They are also one of the most popular and highest-rated sets on the market. 

The Viper Sure Grip is a personal favorite, not because they are the best set (far from it) but because the price point and comfort make this arguably the best set of soft tip darts for beginners – especially those new to the game of darts. 

Buyers Guide – How to Choose Soft Tip Darts

Before getting soft tip darts, there are some important considerations for you to be aware of. 

Are Soft Tip Darts Lighter 

When it comes to selecting a weight for soft tip darts, you’ll need to keep in mind the fact that soft tip darts are lighter than steel tip alternatives. The reason this is important to note is that the exact same dart brand and model will have different weights between a soft tip and steel tip variation. 

In general, soft tip darts are usually bought at 16g or 18g as the most popular options. This is in contrast to steel tip options where an average weight will be 18g – 21g. You can of course get lighter or heavier darts but average weights are used as a good starting point for most beginners.

If you’re going from steel tip to soft tip darts, you might want to look at our guide on how to add weight to your darts in order to balance them out. 

Barrel Threading

All dart barrels for soft tip darts will have 2 x threaded ends to hold the shaft and also the dart point. A key thing to look out for is the threading size for the barrel. A 2BA thread on both sides of the barrel is a standard size and one that will accommodate most shafts and tips. 

If however, you get a specialty set with specifically sized threading, it’s worth keeping in mind that you’d then always need to purchase accessories at a specific size. These might therefore be more expensive as they are custom made and might also be harder to find what you’re looking for. 

Our recommendation would therefore be to get a set with standard 2BA threading unless you want a very specific and specialty set. 

Barrel Material

More important than the above section is the barrel material. The material will dictate both the weight and shape of the dart and is crucial for choosing a dart well suited to your individual grip and dart preferences. 

A brass barrel is the cheapest option and while this is the most beneficial in terms of budget, they are the worst in terms of performance. This is because brass barrels are not dense so the heavier the dart the thicker the barrel. There’s also limited customizability with brass darts. 

Nickel silver is a mid-range option that provides good value and machined features (like knurling and laser etching) for an enhanced grip whilst having a range of barrel shapes and sizes. These are still limited in terms of dart quality though. 

Tungsten is widely considered to be the best material for darts. Tungsten allows you to get a heavier dart with a slimmer profile due to a high density. This makes it easier to group your darts for higher scoring potential. Tungsten is the preference for highly competitive and professional players so would also be our recommendation for soft tip darts. 
For more help working out a dart barrel preference – check out our guide on how to choose a dart set