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How To Play High Score Darts (Easiest Dart Game For all Players)

High Score Darts
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Are you looking for a very simple and beginner-friendly darts game? If so, there are few games that can tick this box better than high score darts. 

The objective of high score darts is very specific – to score more points than your opponent. High score darts are similar to count up darts with one key difference, it’s doesn’t matter how many points you have at the end of the game, the only thing that matters is making it to a predetermined number before your opponent. 

If this sounds like the kind of game for you – a flat-out race to the finish – then read on to learn how to play high score darts with some simple tips and tricks that can be used by anyone. 

Number of Players

2 or more players

High score darts is a game that requires 2 or more people to be played. Each player will play individually. 

High Score Darts Rules and Scoring

Before the game starts, there will be a predetermined score that players will be aiming to achieve. Every player will get three darts per turn. When they throw the darts, they will get the number of points that they land on to go towards their score.

Example: When a dart lands on a single, it will be worth the number of points for the segment landed on. If they land on a double, that number will be doubled, and if they land on a treble they can multiply the number by 3.

Players will take turns until someone reaches the predetermined high score making that player the winner of the game.

How To Play High Score Darts Game

High score darts is a very simple game. There are no special rules to make the game complicated. Follow the instructions below for a fun round of high score darts.

Start by choosing a predetermined high score that players will be trying to reach throughout the game. A common score is 1000, but this is up to you. If you want a quick game, go for a lower score. However, if you want to have a longer dart game, choose a higher total score.

To determine which player goes first, each player should throw a dart at the dartboard. Whoever hits the bullseye (or closest to it) will be the first player to take their turn. 

Write down every player’s name on a scoreboard to keep track of the score. Try to jot down their names in the order that you are playing to make it easier for everyone. 

Each player will have three darts to throw per round. They do not have specific segments to aim at when throwing the darts. Their goal is to try and land the darts on the highest spots. Players should aim for doubles and trebles to reach a high score first. 

All three darts thrown by a player during their turn will count towards their score on the scoreboard. Players will not be docked any points if a dart misses the board.

The game will continue to play with each player taking their turn in a predetermined order. The first player to achieve the high score will win the game. 

High Score Darts Example Game

Let’s take a look at an example game so you have a better understanding of how high score darts works. In this round, there will be 2 players. 

  1. Both players decide on a predetermined high score of 1000.
  2. Player A and B both take a turn to throw a dart at the dartboard. Player A lands closest to the bullseye and gets to take the first turn.
  3. Player A has 3 darts. The first one lands on a single 20, the second one on a double 16, and the third one on double 18. Player A scored 88 points during the first round.
  4. Play B throws their 3 darts. They land the first one on a 19, the second on double 18, and the third on double 20. They receive 95 points this round.
  5. Player A goes for a second round, and lands on single 20, double 20, and treble 19. They receive 117 points this round, bringing their score up to 205. 
  6. Player B takes their turn and lands a single 16, treble 18, and treble 20. They score 130, which brings their points to 225. 
  7. Player A takes their third turn. They land on single 18, double 19, and double 20. They score 96 points, which brings their total to 301.
  8. Player B goes and they land on double 16, double 18, and treble 20. They receive 128 points, bringing their score up to 353.

The game continues to go in this fashion until one player reaches 1000 points. Each player will be aiming to hit doubles and trebles to get a high score. 

If a player lands on the outer bullseye, they will receive 25 points. If they land on the bullseye, they will receive 50 points.

There is no set rule for finishing the game of high score darts, and if a player scores higher than 1000 points (or the predetermined score), it will count as a win.

High Score Darts Tips

Winning high score darts is very simple, reach the game score before your opponent. This means the main strategy is to score more than your opponent so a focus on higher numbers and trebles is crucial for success. 

You also need to be consistent. This may sound obvious but if you hit a score of 60 every throw, you’ll finish the game on your 17th throw. If however you throw for the single 20 but miss with a single dart each throw scoring 45, it will take you until your 23rd throw to finish the game. 

Despite 60 not being an overly high score after 3 darts, it will always win playing against an inconsistent player averaging 45 points per throw. Therefore, play for consistency first and foremost rather than trying to hit big numbers but missing. 


Not all dart games need to be serious or practice-specific, there are some that are just played for fun or simplicity, high score darts are one of them. 

If you need a very simple game that’s ideal for beginners or a small group of players then high score darts are perfect. The objective is a race to a specific score and all you need to do is score more than your opponent – and faster. 

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