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Tennis Darts

How to Play Tennis Darts: Everything You Need to Know to Win

If you’re a sports fan in general then there’s always the possibility that you’ll enjoy a novelty darts game. There are a number of cross-sport dart games which include:

If you’ve played any of these before then chances are you’ll also like tennis darts. Tennis darts are relatively easy to understand and are best suited to those looking for a longer darts game to play. 

Read on to learn how to play tennis darts and pick up some tips and tricks to impress your friends. 

Number of Players

2 or more players

Tennis darts require at least two players, but you can also play a game of doubles with four players instead.

Tennis Darts Rules and Scoring 

Here is a breakdown of the basic rules and scoring system of Tennis darts:

  1. The object of the game is to win a set. The best of 6 service games wins.
  2. A player can win a service game by scoring 15, 30, 40, much like in a game of tennis. If the players tie at 40-40, then they play a Deuce Tiebreak.
  3. To choose who does first, each player will throw a dart and whoever gets closest to the bullseye becomes the server for the first service game.
  4. Two playable areas start from the left side with numbers 5-19 before moving on to the right side with numbers 1-17. Players will alternate between the two playable areas during the service game. 
  5. Within the first two throws, the server must strike a number within the playable area. If not, the opposite side will gain points.
  6. Whichever number the server hits in the playable area is the target number
  7. You must win six games to win a set. There can also be a Set Tiebreaker game if players are tied. 
  8. An ace is when the server hits the doubles on the first throw and gains the server points. You can also add the 20 and 3 to the playable area for ace shots only. 
  9. If the server does not hit an ace, they will continue striking the target number, and their accumulated score will become the target score
  10. A receiver can win a set by getting a higher score than the target score. 
  11. The receiver will gain a point if they have more points than the server, but the server will get the point if the server retains their score. If there is a tie, set a new target score. 
  12. Striking treble gains three points, doubles gain two points, and the rest of the numbers gain one point.

How to Play Tennis Darts

An average game takes about 25 minutes, but you can play a longer game of 55 or more minutes by doubling the number of sets you play.

The first server will start on the left-hand side of the board and try to strike within the play area before alternating to the right-hand side and trying to strike in that play area. If the server fails to do this in the first two throws, the point goes to their opponent. 

The goal is to hit as many target numbers as possible to get the highest target score.

The other player, the receiver, then tries to strike the target number and beat the target score of the server. Whoever gets the highest score in the set gets the point. If it’s a tie, the server throws for a new target score until someone wins the set.

After winning the set, the play area changes, and the server throws again. To win the service game, a player must score points 15, 30, 40. If the score is deuce or 40-40, then there is a Deuce Tiebreak. 

The server wins points by hitting a double with their first dart, an ace, or a player hitting more target numbers than their opponent. Once the service game is over, the players switch roles as server and receiver.

A player wins a Deuce Tiebreak by playing on the 25 ring and bullseye. The server throws first, and if they hit the bullseye, they get the point. The server sets the target score, and the receiver must try to beat it. The highest score wins.

A player wins a Set Tiebreak by playing on the 25 ring and the bullseye. The server of the very first game throws first. Except for the first point, each player serves for two consecutive points. Everything is the same as the Deuce Tiebreak, except the first to score is the winner. 

Tennis Darts Example Game 

There are some different samples of people playing various “tennis darts” Still, it does not appear popular enough to provide videos or other examples of playing a whole match. 


Sporting fans will always appreciate a novelty darts game and one of the most enjoyable is tennis darts. 

Much like a standard game of tennis, the objective of tennis darts is to win sets, this is done by winning rounds that score 15, 30, 40, and game. 

Aces and deuces are in play for those that want to play the full ruleset and the closing note I’d make is that this is not a “short” darts game so only give it a try if you have the time!