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Luke Littler Considering a ‘Modest’ Car Despite Bumper Earnings in 2024

Luke Littler says he will probably buy a VOLKSWAGEN as his first car once he passes his driving test. 

Fresh from his first tournament in the states at the US Darts Master, Luke Littler is learning the perks of being a professional dart player as he tours the country and the globe. 

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In New York alone he got to visit the WWE Headquarters (a dream of his), go on an open-top bus tour with family and girlfriend, and even play at world famous Madison Square Gardens. 

For all the perks though, his schedule is very hectic… 

He therefore won’t be attending the Nordic Darts Masters this coming weekend as his manager and PDC have agreed that schedule management is important for him so he’s having a deserved holiday/break in Orlando. 

While he has played and conducted himself like a man, it’s easy to forget that he is in fact a very, very young man at just 17 years old. 

Therefore, he’s putting in the miles travelling but hasn’t actually had the time to pass his driving test yet. Something that he is currently conscious of. 

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Luke Littler’s First Car

Littler is currently one of the biggest earners in darts. 

He’s estimated to have made over £600,000 in 2024 already from prize money and when you include sponsorships, brand deals and exhibitions, his actual earnings are thought to be closer to a million (£). 

Not bad for a debut darts season straight out of high school!

He’s already known for spending money on his FC24 Ultimate Team and recently bought a Nintendo Switch to relax with when touring but surprisingly, he’s not looking to splash the cash like other young sports stars do with their first big paydays. 

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Luke revealed that he is eyeing a more modest option for his first car. 

“I’m 17, so I’m doing my (driving) lessons whenever I’m available. I’ll go car shopping, see what I want. 

“I can’t go too big on the first car, probably just a nice Volkswagen.”

Littler has certainly earned the right to splurge on a luxury item with his earnings but it’s good to see he’s still making purchases that ‘normal’ people would make. 

We’re sure he’ll be upgrading in the future though with fellow stars sporting some luxury motors like Michael Smith’s 2020 Range Rover Sport or MVG’s £250k Rolls Royce 👀

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