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Michael Smith on Opponents Angered by Luke Littler’s Rapid Rise

Ahead of playing Luke Littler next Thursday in the Premier League Darts Play-off Final, Michael Smith has spoken out on the ‘hate’ that Littler is receiving from fellow pros in the PDC rankings. 

After winning Night 16 and securing qualification to the Play-off final at the 02 Arena in London on May 23rd, Smith looked ahead to his matchup with Littler in the semi-final draw. 

Smith is coming into the match in good form, especially against Littler as he’s had five night wins against him this Premier League season.

This is something he’s well aware off: 

“He’s 17. I don’t want to swear but he won’t give a c**p. He has no care in the world. It’s us that’s thinking about it trying to punish him.”

“I think I say this in every interview. It doesn’t matter who I’ve beaten the week before, or seven times before, it’s what happens next week.”

“I know Littler will be thinking the same and I’ll be thinking the same. I won’t be thinking about five night wins against him, it’ll be about beating him in the semi-finals.”

While this was nothing out of the ordinary, Smith went on to speak on how some of the pros in the PDC are ‘angered’ by Littler’s rapid rise and feel he is getting preferential treatment. 

This is especially true when you consider that his inclusion in the Premier League came at the expense of the top 30 ranked players who didn’t make it…

That impacts both the visibility and also earning potential for these players, however, that’s a very negative and short-sighted way of looking at it and this is something that Smith realises himself. 

“I think they are getting annoyed. I had it last year, Littler is getting it all now.”

“I don’t think they are happy that he’s getting everything. I’m not bothered.”

“My pockets get full every time he gets mentioned, so it’s in our best interests that we look after him.”

“The players at 70 in the world shouldn’t be bothered because this young kid at the minute is one of the best players in the world. The people at 70, 80, 90 all they should think about is that their money is going to keep going up and up and up.”

It’s easy for Smith to say when he’s a top ranked and high earning player already but it’s good to see that he’s looking at the bigger picture for what Littler means to the future of darts and also that he’s looking out for the young lad. 

I definitely think the top 10 has some quality professionals at the moment and Smith’s comments are a testament to that. 

Do you think it’s fair that other pros are angered by Littler’s ‘special treatment’ or should they be glad that he’s bringing so many fresh eyes to the sport every week? Let us know in the comments below ⬇️⬇️

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