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Steve Beaton to Join the World Seniors Darts Tour From 2025

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The World Seniors Darts Tour (WSDT) announced yesterday that Steve Beaton is a confirmed tour member and will join the 2025 tour from January 2025 onwards. 

Steve Beaton, also known as the “Bronzed Adonis”, announced earlier in the year that the 2024 season would be his last year playing professionally for the PDC. 

Beaton is a cult hero of darts having played at the highest level for over three decades. 

From his curly mullet and mustache combo in his younger years to the silver fox look of recent, he’s been the ultimate professional during his time at the oche. 

He competed in the BDO for a decade winning a World Championship in 1996 and has competed professionally in the PDC since 2001, reaching the semi-finals of the World Matchplay (2001), World Grand Prix (2004) and the UK Open (2004). 

Beaton has also been to 33 consecutive World Championships showing his ability and longevity in the game. 

Aged 60, Beaton has recently admitted to ProTour can be quite draining and that he’s looking forward to a more relaxed lifestyle. 

This led many to believe he’d be leaving the game for good (excluding exhibitions), however, a big announcement was made yesterday regarding his future…

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Steve Beaton Confirmed for 2025 World Seniors Darts Tour

The WSDT announced yesterday via their official Facebook page that Steve Beaton is now a confirmed tour member for the 2025 season. 

Beaton will hand in his PDC Tour Card at the end of the 2024 season and from January 2025 he will compete and be a full-time member of the World Seniors Darts Tour. 

This includes participating in the 2025 WSDT World Championship in Purfleet, which will be his first televised WSDT event. 

In a press announcement, Steve said: 

“When I announced that this year would be my last, I always had one eye on playing on the WSDT Tour.

“I’m really happy to confirm that I will play WSDT events from 2025 onwards, and I’m thankful to them to receive an invitation to play in the World Championship.

“I love darts, and I love competing, and I still feel that my game is good enough to win titles, and hopefully this will be the case once I get started.”

Jason Francis, Co-Promoter of the WSDT also had this to say: 

“It’s a huge honour to welcome Steve into the WSDT ranks, and we look forward to seeing him on stage and on tour from 2025 onwards.

“Steve is a much-loved figure in the sport, and his decision to join us speaks volumes about the direction that we are heading in. He is still performing at the highest-level week in and week out, and he is a fabulous addition to what is already a very strong field in our events.”

Check out the full announcement below: 

In light of this news, check back in with next week as we’ll be bringing you articles celebrating Beaton’s best moments in darts as well as a look back over his iconic career.

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