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How to Play Bermuda Triangle Darts

How to Play Bermuda Triangle Darts (Halve-It Darts)

Bermuda triangle darts – also known as halve-it darts – is a game similar to Shanghai darts. This is a darts game for those that like fast-paced games without needing to focus too much on calculating scores or worrying about finishing. 

Bermuda triangle darts is a game all about scoring highly on each throw, but there is a slight twist which is why the game is also called halve-it darts…

To learn how to play bermuda triangle darts and pick up some tricks and tips, read on, I’ll be covering all this and more below.  

Number of Players

1 – 8 player

A round of bermuda triangle darts can be played solo to challenge yourself, or it can be played with multiple people. 

If you play a round with more than 2 people, it is suggested that everyone is split into teams. The good thing about bermuda triangle darts is that the rounds can be played with as many people as you would like.

Bermuda Triangle Darts Rules and Scoring

Bermuda Triangle darts can be played on any type of dartboard. There will be 13 rounds in this game, and in each round the player(s) will attempt to hit a particular target. The most common way of doing this is by going from 12 to 20 in chronological order.

Example: For the 1st round all the players will be aiming to hit 12. When it’s time for the second round, they will aim for the 13 and so on. 

Each player receives 3 darts for each round. The score will be based on whether you hit a single, double, or triple on your target and will be multiplied by the number you hit. Players are aiming for the highest score possible. If a player misses a target with all three of the darts in a round, their score will be cut in half.

Bermuda Triangle Darts Objective

The sole objective for bermuda triangle darts is to finish the game with a higher score than your opponent(s). This means the aim is to just score as many points as possible with each throw. 

How to Play Bermuda Triangle Darts

Are you up for the challenge of Bermuda Triangle Darts? This is how you can play:

  1. If there are multiple players, decide if you are playing in teams or for each their own.
  2. For every round, each player will get three darts to aim. All three darts can be used to increase the score of each round.
  3. For the first round, players will be aiming at the 12. The player on the first team will get to throw all 3 of their darts at the board and clear them before the next player takes their turn. Make sure to record the score after each player’s turn.
  4. In the second round, players will be aiming for the 13.
  5. For the third round, players will aim for the 14.
  6. Now for the fourth round, it’s time to switch things up. Players will aim at a double of their choice.
  7. For the 5th round, players will aim at the 15. 
  8. In the sixth round, they will aim for the 16.
  9. For round 7, they will aim for the 17.
  10. In the 8th round, the goal is to hit a treble of choice. 
  11. Round 9, the goal is to aim the darts at the 18.
  12. For round 10, players will try to hit the 19.
  13. In the 11th round, they will aim for the 20.
  14. For the 12th round, they will throw for the 25 or bullseye to maximize the points.
  15. In the last round, players will aim for the bullseye.

Example Game of Bermuda Triangle Darts

This is an example of an individual game of Bermuda Triangle Darts.

  1. Starting with 3 darts, the player aims at the number 12. They hit two singles and missed the 12 with their last throw. Since they hit two single 12s, they will receive 24 points. 
  2. Now they are aiming at the 13. They hit the treble and two doubles. This round adds another 91 points, which brings the score up to 115.
  3. For round 3, they will be aiming at the 14. They hit all three singles for 14, which is worth 42 points. This brings their score up to 157.
  4. In round 4, they are aiming for a double of choice. This player decided to aim at 13 again. However, they miss the double, and their darts all land on the singles. This means that the score of 157 gets cut in half to 78.5. 
  5. For round 5, they will be aiming at the 15. They hit one single, one double, and miss one. This gives them an additional 45 points, bringing the score up to 123.5. 
  6. Next, the player will aim at 16. Unfortunately, they miss every dart. This brings their score down to 61.75, which many players will round up to 62.
  7. Now the player will aim for the 17. They hit a treble and miss the other darts. This round gave them another 51 points, bringing the score back up to 113. 
  8. Now they are aiming at the treble of choice. They decided to throw it at the 18 and miss the first two, but get the third one. This gives them 54 points, bringing the score to 167.
  9. The player will now aim for the 18, where they land one double, bringing the score up to 203.
  10. In round ten when they are aiming at 19, where they score a single and miss the other two, bring the score up to 212.
  11. In the next round, when they are aiming at the 20, they score one double and one single. This gives them 60 points, bringing the score up to 272. 
  12. For round two, they are aiming for 25 or bullseye. This is a trickier round, but the player does score one of their darts and gets 25 points. They now have 297.
  13. In the last round, they missed all their darts, bringing the score down to 148.5.

For the visual learners, check out this example game video below:

Bermuda Triangle Dart Tips & Strategy

Bermuda triangle darts is a game of hit or miss, quite literally!

The more points you can score, the higher your total score will be, however, if you miss all three darts or miss a particular number (the double of choice round for example) your score is halved. 

The progress you make in this game can quickly be lost with a careless throw, therefore, my first tip would be to play it safe.

Trying to score high on a treble with every throw is great if you have the accuracy to hit 1-2 each time but for the less experienced player, this may not be realistic to expect. 

Throwing for the treble or double can easily result in missed darts and if you get too focused on scoring big instead of just scoring, you could quickly see your score halved! As an example, you are focused on hitting a treble 17 to really boost your score. 

You miss the first two darts but instead of playing it safe and throwing for the single 17, you instead go for the treble and miss. Oops, your score is now halved! Instead of settling for a score of 17, you’ve now lost 50% of your points. 

Therefore, to guarantee a steady score, always try and get a single in your first or second dart. Once you have this, then you can try and hit the bigger scores. 

Another thing to focus on in bermuda triangle darts is getting a higher score than your opponent. This sounds obvious but all you need to focus on is staying ahead of your opponent. This means choosing your shots strategically. 

If your opponent halves his score close to the end of the game (round 11/12) then you are in the driving seat and shouldn’t make any risky throws trying to get an “unbeatable” score.

If however, the opponent halves their score in round 5, it may be worth taking the risk to go for all the trebles as you could build up a sizable lead. 

It’s therefore a strategic play to decide on moments when you should try to score as highly as possible and those where it makes more sense to play it safe and close out the game. 


Bermuda triangle darts is a fun and fast-paced game that rewards players for scoring highly but punishes them just as noticeably for missing a throw.

The rules can be varied depending on whether or not you want to add wildcards to certain rounds or you can follow the standard rules which are just as fun.