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“Enjoy Him While He’s Here Now” – Glen Durrant Doesn’t Think Luke Littler Has ‘Longevity’

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Glen Durrant feels that Luke Littler will earn so much money in his young career that he can’t see him playing for more than a decade, though he states it will be a decade of ‘brilliance’.

There’s no denying that darts has grown exponentially over the last few decades. 

With more talent, television coverage and sponsorship, the PDC have ensured that the best darts players in the world are earning a small fortune.

It’s now very difficult for players to dominate the game though as some have done in the past.

Phil Taylor had a darts career that lasted 35 and in that time he set some records that are unlikely to ever be broken. 

A 16-time World Champion across the BDO and PDC and 16-time World Matchplay Champion.

These are accolades that can only be accomplished by being not only the most dominant player, but the most dominant player for a long stretch of time. 

It’s already been 8 years since we’ve seen a player win back to back World Championships in Gary Anderson (2015, 2016). 

Yet 2024 has seen the emergence of a player that many feel could be the next coming of Phil Taylor. 

Luke Littler, at only 17 years old, has had one of the most phenomenal debut seasons in any sport, not just darts. 

Reaching the 2024 World Darts Championship final and winning the Premier League both on his debut are astonishing feats and many feel he could go on to break some of Taylors unbelievable records. 

Some people feel this is unlikely in the current landscape of darts though, Glen Durrant is one of them…

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Glen Durrant Thinks Luke Littler Will Retire Early

Glen Durrant has earned over £1 million in prize money throughout his career (excluding sponsorship or exhibition money) and feels that the top players today will lose their appetite once they become multi-millionaires. 

He thinks this has happened to Michael Van Gerwen and that it could also happen to Luke Littler. 

Speaking to Online Darts, ‘Duzza’ had this to say:

“Just how good can The Nuke be though? With darts as competitive as it ever has been, is it possible for one player to dominate like in the past? 

“When Phil Taylor was doing it Phil was earning 10 grand and I mean, Littler’s going to be a multi-millionaire. 

“You sort of see an element of it with Michael Van Gerwen and that appetite. How on earth does Michael keep going? 

He’s got everything he’s ever wanted. I don’t think he’ll have the longevity, Luke Littler, but it could be a decade of brilliance. I’m just enjoying it while he’s here right now.”

^^ It’s coincidental that Durrant mentioned those two specifically. 

He was interviewed before the World Matchplay draw which put’s MVG against Luke Littler in the first round in what is one of the biggest heavyweight matchups you’re likely to ever see in a first round!

Littler has really messed up the darts blueprint this year. 

Everything runs smoothly but his outside seeding is so mismatched when compared with his talent and onstage performances.

Almost every tournament has received calls for rule changes, mainly to accommodate him, as a result. 

It really does seem that the hype around him is justified but if he continues this course, he has two options. 

Make a very good living and then retire comfortably at a young age (like Durrant hinted) or, take advantage of his age and try to break every darts record out there. 

Let us know what you think about Durrant’s take in the comments below 👇 

Is Littler going to lose his appetite and retire early or are we seeing the origins of the future ‘best darts player of all time’?

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