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Nathan Aspinall Wants Rule Change for World Cup of Darts

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Nathan Aspinall wants a change of format for the World Cup of Darts suggesting the PDC follow something similar to the Ryder Cup tournament in golf. 

Last month, England won the World Cup of Darts for the first time since 2016 as the World No 1 Luke Humphries and World No 3 Michael Smith proved successful as tournament favourites. 

The World Cup of Darts is an annual tournament that is played in pairs for the qualified countries. These pairs are not selected based on current form or opinion but through a simple method. 

The top two ranked players* on the PDC Order of Merit from each country will be those that represent their nation. 

* Barring injury, suspension or another disqualifying reason. 

This selection process has never really been an issue before but for the 2024 tournament, it came under some scrutiny. 

The PDC Order of Merit is based on a 2-year period of earnings, meaning the most in-form player this year might not be ranked high enough to qualify. 

The reason this was flagged this year is of course due to Luke Littler. 

Luke Humphries is the undisputed option as reigning World Champion, but Luke Littler was the runner-up and Premier League winner. 

Littler has clearly been on a dominant streak since turning pro and has rapidly risen up the Order of Merit with over £600,000 in prize money in just 6 months.

Unfortunately, that didn’t place him high enough to even be close to consideration. 

Michael Smith, however, was out of form in 2024 but due to his success in the 2023 season (winning the World Championship) he took the position of representing England. 

Now, the pair won so whatever personal thoughts were going into this, evidently Smith was justified in his selection. 

Since the tournament though, talk of this selection process has continued and now professional players are even commenting. 

Nathan Aspinall is by far the most high profile to now make his feelings known. 

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Nathan Aspinall Calls for Ryder Cup-Style Tournament

Nathan Aspinall just narrowly missed out on the tournament, despite being ranked World No 4.

Unfortunately for the ‘Asp’, there were two fellow Englishmen ahead of him in the pecking order despite his high ranking position.

That is harsh luck based on the current rules but Aspinall has called for a rule/format change so that a full squad can represent their country, like the Ryder Cup in golf. 

Reported by the Express, Aspinall had this to say: 

 “Well, I’ve been number five in the world and I didn’t make the team, and this year, I’m number four in the world, and I’m still not making the team. 

“So it’s quite annoying for me, as an Englishman, that I’m number four in the world, and I’m still not playing for England.

“I believe there’s scope to change that, to make it a three, four, five-man team. I’d love to see a Ryder Cup-style tournament as well, that would be class.”

While it’s an interesting concept, it’s unlikely to be a rule change we see for the World Cup of Darts. 

PDC CEO Matt Porter has already commented on the format to say he is satisfied with the tournament and that there won’t be too many changes in the coming years. 

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What do you think about the selection process, does the current ranking system work and are changes needed?

Let us know down in the comments what you think about Aspinall’s comments👇

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