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Best Dart Throw Lines

5 Best Dart Throw Lines 2022 (Best Laser Oche)

Darts and technology have both evolved over the years to the point where classic dart accessories/equipment are becoming obsolete. There are electronic dartboards, electronic scoreboards, and now we even have electronic replacements for a traditional throw line (oche). 

If you want an envied home darts setup, a laser throw line is an important addition that won’t take up any space and will provide a clear and accurate throw line so no more putting tape on the floor or tripping over mats. 

In this article, I’ll run you through the best laser throw lines on the market and what you should be looking for if you want to add one to your setup. 

5 Best Dart Throw Lines

In the list below I’ve put together the best laser throw lines on the market and one throw line that isn’t a laser model but is so unique that it deserves inclusion. 

#ProductOur Rating
1Viper 37-0108 Laser Throw/Toe Line Marker9/10
2WINMAU Laser Oche9.5/10
3Hathaway Precision Laser Throw/Toe Line Marker7/10
4Accudart Lazer Toe Line7/10
5WINMAU Sightright 29/10

1. Viper 37-0108 Laser Throw/Toe Line Marker

Quick Review: This is the most popular and highly rated laser throw line currently on the market and is the best option if you want a reliable and tested product. 

Our Rating: 9/10

The Viper 37-0108 laser throw line is a customer favorite when it comes to laser throw lines and it’s the highest-rated product in this category. This means you are getting a tried and tested product that lives up to expectations. 

The adjustable laser head allows users to set this product at a range of heights and allows for more versatility for where you can mount it on your wall/cabinet. The on/off switch and battery supply is also front-facing so once mounted, everything can be controlled with ease

For any readers from the US, this would be your best option for a laser throw line. It’s not my personal recommendation (as it doesn’t offer international shipping) but this is a product that is definitely more popular with US-based customers

Overall, this is one of the most solid laser throw lines on the market and this is justified by its popularity and number of users (even if the majority are US-based). 


  • Adjustable: The laser beam is adjustable for different games (which require different throw distances) and is suitable for both steel and soft tip darts. 
  • Highly Rated: This is the most popular and highest rated laser throw line on the market which means you can be sure you’re getting a solid and reliable product.
  • Good Light: The laser is a strong and good quality option that can still be visible in well lit rooms. 


  • International Shipping: This product offers limited (or in some instances zero) international shipping so this is a product strictly available for US players. 

2. WINMAU Laser Oche

Quick Review: The Winmau laser oche is a bright and easily adjustable oche that costs less than a rubber darts mat and is significantly more convenient and space-saving. 

Rating: 9.5/10

The Winmau Laser Oche is an excellent alternative for those that can’t put a full-sized oche in their home. Its small and compact size is excellent for being a subtle addition underneath your dartboard and it also serves as a great portable option for playing on the road.  

The laser beam is clear and easy to adjust whether you are using it in daylight or low light conditions. A few users have found it difficult to use in certain light but for the size and price, you won’t be able to find a better alternative. 

While on the subject of price this product, in particular, provides excellent value for money and you’ll find it’s cheaper than most rubber dart mats on the market despite being the more convenient option. 

The one drawback in my opinion is that you can’t tighten it too much because of the plastic case so, after repeated throws and vibrations, you may find the line has moved fractionally so frequent checks are needed to ensure you are playing from the correct distance. 

Overall, this is a good option in my opinion and so much so that it’s actually the laser oche that I own and use on my own board and I have to say that it even does the job when zip-tied to a dartboard stand!  


  • Visibility: The laser light is clear in both daylight and low light for ease of use in all conditions. 
  • Price: When you take into consideration the portability and convenience, this particular laser throw line is actually cheaper than the majority of rubber dart mats on the market despite being an arguably better product. 
  • Size: This is a compact product that takes up minimal space around your dartboard and is even an excellent portable option for playing darts when on the road. 


  • Placement: This particular product needs to be fixed to the wall ideally to prevent the laser from moving after repeated throws and vibrations moving in fractionally. I’ve used this on a dartboard stand but it’s not an ideal solution. 

3. Hathaway Precision Laser Throw/Toe Line Marker

Quick Review: This throw line offers precision thanks to a built-in laser and longevity of use with a 20,000-hour lifespan.

Rating: 7/10

The Hathaway Laser Throw Line is a small and compact option that offers a good amount of versatility when it comes to mounting it. Due to its size, you should be able to fit this laser line inside or onto most dartboard cabinets for a more organized set up. 

A feature that is particularly good with this product is the built-in bubble-level. This ensures that the throw line is always parallel and straight for more accurate and consistent practice sessions. 

It also comes with a UL-certified laser which is designed to offer up to 20,000 hours of playtime for long-lasting and long-term use. The one downside is that this product is not very popular which could be the result of its price being higher than some of the more established brands. 

If you are looking for a small, compact, and accurate throw line for a minimal dart set up, this could be a decent option. 


  • Precision: The built-in bubble-level ensures you throw from a level and accurate laser line. 
  • Size: This is a smaller and more compact throw line which means it can easily be installed inside a dartboard cabinet for more convenience. 
  • Long-Lasting: The UL-certified laser offers up to 20,000 hours of play for long term use. 


  • Reputation: This product is more expensive than some of the more established brands (Winmau/Viper) without necessarily having the reputation to justify a higher price.

4. Accudart Lazer Toe Line

Quick Review: This is a more budget-friendly option but you’ll need to keep in mind that it’s also significantly larger than some other models on the market. 

Rating: 7/10

The Accudart Laser Throw Line is a budget option product that provides decent value for money but does come with a few downsides to be aware of. 

Firstly, the product has a good battery life that does not get drained very easily (which is something you might find with other similar products) and offers a visible laser that can easily be viewed in a range of lighting

It is, however, quite a large product and some users find it difficult to find a good mounting position. It will be too big for most cabinets so wall/ceiling mounting is the only option depending on your setup. Due to the power button position and some play in the mounting holes, you’ll also need to readjust it before use each time. 

Overall, it’s a decent product that offers a reliable solution on a budget. 


  • Price: This is the most budget-friendly option when it comes to laser throw lines and is a decent product for the price.
  • Battery Life: The battery life on this holds up very well and doesn’t get drained easily by the laser. 


  • Size: With dimensions of 7.5” x 4.9” x 4.9”, this is a relatively large laser throw line that would likely need to be mounted on a wall rather than the cabinet.
  • Mounting: Users have found there is a lot of play when mounting this product and it usually needs re-adjusting before play each time. 

5. WINMAU Sightright 2

Quick Review: This product is a throw line and practice tool built into one. It allows you to not only play from the correct distance from the board but also from a central position. 

Rating: 9/10

The Winmau Sightright 2 is technically not a laser throw line but I just had to add it because it’s a genuinely unique and helpful product. Throwing from the correct distance is always going to be your first priority but have you ever considered where you stand in relation to the center of the board when throwing. 

This video below shows that a lot of players might think they are lined up centrally with the number they are aiming for but they could likely be a significant amount off-center which will result in a loss of accuracy. 

What the Winmau Sightright does is ensure that you are standing centrally to the board which will improve your accuracy on the treble 20 immediately just from being correctly lined up to throw but it will also make your adjustments more accurate

There is also a marking for the double 10 and double 16 so that you can always stay central to the board and learn positions for checkouts as well as scoring. Overall, this allows players to not only throw from the correct distance from the board but also from the correct position, something other throw lines do not do. 

While it’s not a laser throw line, this unique product can help you learn your positioning and therefore assists your practice time rather than just being an object that tells you how far to stand. For that reason it’s a solid product that most dart players (even high-level players) should consider to potentially improve their game. 


  • Guided Marking: This throw line doubles as a position indicator for distance and standing centrally to the board. 
  • Positioning: The markings force you to stand in positions that are central to the numbers you are throwing for which increases accuracy and doubles as a practice drill for proper positioning. 
  • Price: This initially entered the market at a premium price, however, it is now inline with other regular throw lines on the market and therefore offers exceptional value for money. 


  • Not a laser: While the design of this throw line is excellent, it’s not a laser throw line which is what you are likely looking for if you are reading this article. 

Editors Pick

My recommendation for the best laser throw line is the Winmau Laser Oche. The reason I’m recommending this product is first that I actually own it and use it for my portable dart set up (you can also check out my recommendation for the best dartboard stand).

Secondly, it’s an overall solid and reliable product that offers a good alternative to unsightly markers or inconvenient dart mats that take up unnecessary space. 

Finally, it’s from arguably the top darting brand in terms of reputation, product quality and customer service so you know exactly what you are getting with a Winmau product and don’t need to worry about faulty or poor quality products. 

Buyers Guide

Below, I’ve put together a list of what to look for in a laser throw line. While I’m personally a fan of the laser throw lines, they are not for everyone so below is a very brief buyer guide outlining everything you need to know when putting together a throwing area. 

What Is an Oche

The oche is another name for the throw line. It can be easy to assume the oche is a full-length, raised platform from the board to the throw line (like what you see on competitions and tv) but that is just the high-end version. 

An oche is basically the throw line and the word can therefore be used interchangeably. If you are not looking to get a raised platform though, what should you look for in a decent throw line for home use?

What to Look for in a Laser Throw Line

1. Adjustable – An adjustable laser line is needed to offer variety when it comes to placement on your wall or cabinet. The throw line should be set at 7 ft 9.25 In and therefore, depending on where you line your laser oche up, it should be able to pivot or adjust to give these measurements. 

2. Laser visibility – A dull laser line is going to be almost pointless if you are playing in areas with a lot of natural light. A good laser oche needs to have a powerful light

3. Power source – A battery-powered laser throw line would be the best option for most as this will offer flexibility with where you can put your dartboard. 

A mains powered laser oche could be better for a more powerful laser or less hassle having to change batteries but the convenience of portability with battery-powered options makes them the winner in my opinion. 

Alternatives to a Laser Throw Line

It’s worth pointing out that there are a few alternatives to a laser throw line and some of these options can be just as effective or convenient but don’t have the same benefit as the laser throw line (mainly no impact on floor space in your home).

The alternatives include dart mats, floor markers, and even some trusty duct tape! All of these options need to be placed on the floor though so, in my opinion, the laser throw line gives the best compromise as the moment it’s turned off, your floor space is unaffected.


Laser throw lines are relatively new to the darts world and many of you reading this might be more used to a simple tape or chalk line on the floor to set your throwing distance. 

While it’s not a revolutionary technology, laser throw lines are definitely a step in the right direction to making a more portable and minimal dartboard set up, especially for those that are short on space and can’t have a full dart set up with oche to match.