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Best Electronic Dartboards

7 Best Electronic Dartboards (Budget to Professional Options)

If you are new to electronic dartboards, it’s important to note that these are not the same as a regular bristle dartboard or a soft tip dartboard for that matter! Electronic dartboards will have different functions, different equipment needs, and will even need to be used differently when compared with other types of dartboards. 

Therefore, below we’ve put together this comprehensive list of the best electronic dartboards on the market. We’ll cover all budgets and preferences but the most important thing to keep in mind is that if a dartboard is on this list, it’s a good option and you’ll get enjoyment out of it!

How We’ve Chose the Products

Between the team at Decent Darts, we have a collective playing experience of close to 100 years (this isn’t an exaggeration, check out our team page), therefore, we know what is required from a good dartboard. 

When selecting the products on this list, we’ve taken the following factors into consideration


The most important thing to us is brand reputation and quality of the product. Certain brands are specialists when it comes to an electronic dartboard so you’ll see a few of their products featured below


Electronic dartboards are not cheap so for the price, not only do they need to work properly but they also need to have a range of functions and features that will cater to certain players. Scoreboards, online play, and precision engineering webbing all come into consideration for a modern electronic dartboard.

Personal Testing

We can’t test every dartboard (though we’re working on it). Therefore, we’ve played on many of the boards listed below and have used our judgment for product knowledge when it comes to compiling this list. 

I currently own a $30 soft tip dartboard, a professional Unicorn Eclipse practice board, a Winmau Pro SFB bristle dartboard, a $25 paper dartboard, and a 15-inch soft tip dartboard at the time of writing so I’m frequently testing new boards and know the difference between a good dartboard and one not worth recommending. 

7 Best Electronic Dartboards

#ProductOur Rating
1Arachnid Cricket Pro 8009.5/10
2Franklin Sports Electronic Dartboard7.5/10
3Arachnid Cricket Pro 9009/10
4Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard8/10
5Arachnid Cricket Pro 4507/10
6GRAN BOARD 3s LED Dartboard8.5/10
7Viper 8009/10

1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard – Best for Beginners

Quick Review: A popular and beginner-friendly product. The Arachnid Pro 800 is arguably the most used electronic dartboard on the planet and is a great option for anyone new to darts – especially soft-tip darts.

Our Rating: 9.5/10

We’re starting out with arguably the best option for most people reading this. The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 is one of the most popular electronic dartboards on the market and this is due to its favorable price, range of functionality, and solid build quality. 

The micro-thin segment webbing is optimized to reduce bounce-outs and ensure you don’t spend more time picking darts up off the floor than you do out of the board! The nylon construction for the segments is also heavy-duty and durable ensuring you get long-term use and playability from this dartboard. 

The scoring system has a range of features that hardcore players and beginners will both appreciate. The LED display is clear and easy to see from the throw line while the voice reader calls out scores after each throw. You also have an average tracker which tracks points per dart in X01 games, ideal for practice and calculating your dart averages

The “heckler” function is also something players will find amusing and adds a fun element to the game which is great when playing in large groups. 

Overall the dartboard is a tournament standard board with a wide range of game modes and functions and there’s a reason this is one of the most popular electronic dartboards on the market!


  • Specialist Brand – Arachnid specializes in electronic dartboards and produces some of the best quality, most innovative boards on the market.
  • Durability – The nylon segments are designed to be durable for long-term use whilst also specially designed to minimize bounce-outs.
  • Average Tracking – The average tracking system helps you monitor your dart average (((((()))) and measures your points per dart (PPD) to act as a practice aid. 


  • Warranty – A 90-day warranty is not great for most electrical products, would be much better if it had a 12-month warranty so keep this in mind.

2. Franklin Sports Electronic Dartboard – Best Budget Option

Quick Review: This is one of the cheapest electronic dartboards on the market making it a good starter dartboard for beginners and those on a tight budget. 

Rating: 7.5/10

Franklin Sports Electronic Dartboard is a budget option electronic dartboard preferred for use by beginners and anyone that wants a cheap dartboard for casual and occasional use

The key selling point with this product is that it comes with a budget price, ideal for those that are new to the game of darts or for kids. 

It comes with an LCD display, an automatic scoring system, and a range of 65 games/modes to choose from. Again, good for beginners but don’t expect any advanced features as they are limited. 

The dartboard comes built into a cabinet making it quick and easy to hang up or take down again whilst also having space to store darts when not in use. The size (16-inch x 16 inches) is good for storage but the playing surface of 13.5 inches is quite small so keep this in mind – especially if you’re used to playing on a much larger bristle dartboard. 

To be honest, this isn’t going to be a dartboard that will amaze anyone but if your purchasing your first electronic dartboard or are new to the game, this dartboard offers an affordable and convenient option


  • Mounting – The wall mounting dartboard case makes this a versatile option and is something that other electronic dartboards are lacking, especially for wall protection from darts (((((()))))
  • Price – By far one of the most budget-friendly options on the market. This could be the cheapest electronic dartboard that is actually usable. 
  • Kid-Friendly – This isn’t a tournament standard dartboard by any stretch but it can be a good starter board for kids. 


  • Functionality – Due to the price range, this definitely has less functionality in terms of game modes and functions than many other boards on this list. 

3. Cricket Pro 900 by Arachnid – Best for Cricket Darts

Quick Review: The Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 is a tournament standard cricket dartboard with dart average tracking software and a durable nylon spider making this a professional-quality option.

Rating: 9/10

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 900 is a high-end, tournament-ready electronic dartboard with premium features that aren’t included in most other electronic dartboards.  

Looking at the electronics of this product first, the LCD display is one of the largest on the market and has a 4 person display allowing you to track multiple players’ scores for larger group games (perfect for parties or team practice). 

Our favorite feature is the dart average tracking software. It tracks both the PPD and MPR for X01 and cricket games making this an excellent option for practice and tournament play. This is especially true for players that like to monitor their dart averages to see how they are progressing. 

The construction is tournament standard with solid nylon webbing that actually holds the dart in place and prevents bounce-outs. Some cheaper boards don’t have that capability but this board will hold your darts in place when throwing

It’s worth getting your own set though as it comes with generic, factory soft tip darts which are good for a casual game but not for a more serious player. 

In terms of additional features, it includes:

  • Voice prompt when throwing and a heckler mode for a more interactive playing experience
  • 48 game modes including X01 and cricket
  • Marks per round (MPR) and points per dart (PPD) averages
  • Player handicapping for when playing with players of different ability

This isn’t a drawback, but one thing to keep in mind is that for a high-end dartboard, you’ll also need to pay a premium price. There are alternatives to the Arachnid 900 which are also on this list but for the premium features you get with this model, you’ll need to pay a higher price for them. 

Overall, if you’re looking for an electronic dartboard with multiple features and solid build quality, the Arachnid Pro 900 is a great option and would be our top pick for a more premium option. Just note there are some good cheaper alternatives within the Arachnid range. 


  • Dart Average Tracker – The dart average software tracking PPD and MPR is an excellent feature for anyone looking to have dedicated practice sessions
  • Large Display – The large LCD display gives a clear score visible from the throw line and also tracks up to four players’ scores for team practice or when playing with family and friends. 


  • Price – This is one of the most expensive electronic dartboards on the market so will be out of budget for many people 
  • Good Alternatives – Arachnid has cheaper alternative boards that are just as good from a design perspective, they just have fewer features.

4. Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard – Best Electronic Dartboard with Cabinet

Quick Review: A great all-in-one dartboard option that comes with a built-in cabinet for ease of mounting, has dual displays for scoring and interactivity, and is beginner-friendly with an increased catch ring for missed darts. 

Rating: 8/10

The Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard is a bit of an all-in-one model for electronic dartboards and comes with a built-in cabinet which is ideal for ease of mounting and to protect your walls from stray darts

Our favorite thing about this dartboard is the cabinet. It comes with a dart holder for 6 x darts and has 2 x displays making it more interactive. One display has dual scoring for both players located underneath the dartboard while the separate display is a cricket-only option. 

This combined with the 11 quick access buttons for menu navigation makes scoring and controls incredibly beginner-friendly and easy to navigate

The only downside to this board is that the color scheme is not consistent with tournament-standard colors and it’s not easy on the eye with so many color breaks around the board. The number 1 segment as an example has 3 different colors – 1 for the single, double, and treble. 

If you’re looking for an all-in-one electronic dartboard without having to invest in a full cabinet or freestanding option, this is arguably one of the best options out there and we find the catch ring and dual display ideal for beginners and non-hardcore dart players. 


  • Unique Cabinet – The included dartboard cabinet comes with 2 x scoring displays and a dart holder for an all
  • Catch Ring – The extended catch ring is ideal for beginners who will be more prone to missing the dartboard
  • Great Display – A cricket-only display, dual-display for other scoring systems and 11 quick access buttons make scoring and navigating the menus incredibly easy. 


  • Color – The segments don’t follow the tournament-standard color scheme and if we’re being honest, they lack consistency and can be disorientating

5. Arachnid Cricket Pro 450 Electronic Dartboard – Best Value Cricket Dartboard

Quick Review: A lightweight and budget option electronic dartboard that’s a good option for cricket players but isn’t the highest quality board available. 

Rating: 7/10

Arachnid Cricket Pro 450 is the budget option for people that can’t afford (or justify) the Arachnid Cricket Pro 900. It’s not the cheapest electronic dartboard available but for a reputable brand, it’s one of the most affordable electronic dartboards.

While the dartboard offers a regulation-sized 15.5-inch playing surface, with a weight of just 6lbs this is an incredibly lightweight and portable dartboard ideal for travel or simple storage

Unfortunately, one major issue with this board is the number of bounce-outs. Even when using a good quality dart, the webbing on the board is not the sturdiest and therefore people suffer frequent bounce-outs which can definitely be frustrating. 

Overall, this is an affordable dartboard that could be a decent option for a casual player that wants an electronic dartboard for infrequent use. It’s lightweight for easy setup and storage, has a decent display/scoring system, and just about makes it into the budget-price category. 


  • Lightweight – Weighing just 6lbs, this is a lightweight and portable dartboard
  • Price – It’s not the cheapest electronic dartboard but it’s an affordable option from a reputable brand
  • Good Display – Dual scoring displays allow players to easily keep score, especially for cricket variations


  • Bounce-Outs – Unfortunately, bounce-outs are frequent with this board, especially if you’re not using a good quality soft tip dart

6. GRAN BOARD 3s LED Dartboard – Best Electronic Dartboard Features

Quick Review: A premium option electronic dartboard with an extensive range of features. LED lighting, Bluetooth connectivity, and online play make this an incredibly interactive dartboard. 

Rating: 8.5/10

GRAN BOARD 3s LED Dartboard is a premium option board loaded with features.

The standout feature is Bluetooth connectivity. This allows you to link the dartboard to your phone (compatible with IOS and Android) in order to make use of scoring and online play. 

This gives you an increased range of games and scoring compared to built-in scoring systems on electronic dartboards and will also upload data automatically to online leaderboards for averages which improve the interactivity of the board and offer global play rather than being restricted to just your dartboard.

While it doesn’t have very many downsides for this dartboard, something that needs to be pointed out is that it’s on the more expensive side in terms of price and won’t be a suitable option for most budgets. 

This could be out of budget for most people but if you can afford it, it offers one of the most interactive and comprehensive darting experiences available and is, therefore, one of the best electronic dartboards on the market. 

For proof of quality, you can see Robbie Green making use of this board here:


  • App Controlled – Bluetooth syncing to a dedicated app allows for a more interactive playing experience rather than the typical LCD/LED display options
  • Online Play – App data is synced to a worldwide database for averages and other information making this a great option for more involvement in the wider darts community
  • Quiet – Acoustic absorbing material makes this a noticeably quiet dartboard to play on


  • Price – This is easily one of the more expensive dartboard options on this list

7. Viper by GLD Products 800 – Best for Solo Players

Quick Review: A great mid-range electronic dartboard with a number of playable features like an extensive game and scoring system along with a good computer mode for solo play. 

Rating: 9/10

Viper 800 by GLD Products is a surprisingly electronic dartboard with a range of features at a reasonable price. 

A key feature for this product in our opinion is playability which is powered by an electronic system. Firstly, the cyber mode allows you to play against five different computer game modes for solo play and practice. Alternatively, this dartboard allows scoring for up to 16 players which is the most of any board on this list and is great for playing with large groups.

Many electronic dartboards are not built to last and use some cheap plastic components. The Viper 800 is a good exception featuring an ultra-thin spider for better darts grouping and scoring and deeper concave holes for long-lasting use

Another great feature is that this dartboard is compatible with the laserlite (also by Viper) which allows you to add a laser throw line for a more complete darts setup

Finally, the computer on this product is top-class (especially compared to the basic one I use). Multiple modes, multiple player scoring, and a clear display make this a great interactive board. 

Overall, this is a great option for both solo and group play and has very few downsides to note. 


  • Solo Play – The cyber player option allows you to play against the computer making this a great option for solo play
  • Durable – The ultra-thin webbing is great for grouping darts and is also built to last years of play
  • Extensive Features – A large selection of game modes, laser oche compatible, and a good scoring system ensures this dartboard has some standout features


  • Scoring – As the scoring system is so extensive, many players struggle to grasp it initially

Buyers Guide – How to Choose an Electronic Dartboard

Most people new to darts will look at getting an electronic dartboard. This combined with soft tip darts makes this the most user-friendly and interactive option, when compared against steel tip darts, played on a bristle dartboard. 

With that said, there are certain features and items that need to be taken into consideration for electronic dartboards. 

What to Look For In an Electronic Dartboard 

Electronic dartboards are a unique item and completely different from a traditional bristle dartboard. When it comes to buying one, the requirements and factors you need to consider a therefore different, some of the key factors include:


The price for an electronic dartboard should be relative to the features it provides along with the build quality. Just because an electronic dartboard has built-in scoring doesn’t necessarily mean it should warrant a higher price. 

When considering electronic dartboards, the following are good guidelines for price ranges:

Budget – $25 – $75

Mid Range – $80 – $130

Premium – $150+

You should compare features and ratings for products within your chosen price range to ensure they justify the price given. 


Electronic dartboards are available in two sizes – the tournament regulation size of 15.5-inch playing surface and also a smaller 13.5-inch option. 

The 13.5-inch boards are good options for portability and ease of storage but if you want to play or practice to a competitive standard, make sure the dartboard you consider is a tournament standard at 15.5-inches.


The best thing about an electronic dartboard is the scoring functionality. To buy a standalone darts scorer, you’d need to spend $75-$150 on top of the cost of the dartboard. Usually, if you are bad at darts math, it then becomes a necessary cost to enjoy the game. 


Traditional dartboards are usually mounted directly onto a wall with screws, are placed in a dartboard cabinet and then mounted to a wall, or are mounted on a dartboard stand. 

Electronic dartboards don’t all cater to these and many actually get mounted on a freestanding dartboard cabinet which is similar to an arcade-style setup. 

Therefore, consider how you plan on mounting it before buying an electronic dartboard as the model you want might not be suitable. 


A basic electronic dartboard will come with a basic scoring display, a limited range of game modes, and relatively cheap webbing which means you’ll have more bounce-outs. When considering more premium options, you’ll want to consider the following features:

  • Number of game modes
  • Is online play available?
  • Number and size of scoring displays
  • Built-in dartboard lighting
  • Accuracy of circuity and responsiveness for score registering
  • Additional features like commentary and score call-outs

Final Thoughts

While bristle dartboards are by far the most popular option and are a necessity for any player with aspirations of competing at a high level (or turning pro), electronic dartboards certainly have their own mass appeal. 

If you’ve read this far and are considering purchasing an electronic dartboard, the last thing you can do is try to play on it with the basic dart sets that come with the board. Before going any further, make sure you check out our recommendations below:

Best soft tip darts
Soft tip darts UK (best options for UK players)

A good set of soft tip darts will make playing on an electronic dartboard 100x more enjoyable, if you use a basic set, well – you’ll have a pretty substandard and possibly frustrating experience!