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7 Best Tungsten Darts (Steel, Soft Tip & Pro Sets)

Best Tungsten Darts Review

The first set of darts that most people throw is either the generic brass darts that come with a dartboard set or a cheap set of brass/nickel darts. If, however, you want to up your game, tungsten darts are going to be the best options.

Tungsten darts allow for a slimmer dart without needing to increase the weight, the more tungsten a dart is made from, the slimmer the barrel. 

This isn’t a preference for everyone but a slimmer barrel makes it easier to group your darts and score highly. If you want to play at a professional level, a set of tungsten darts will be your first step toward that standard. 

Therefore, We’ve compiled a list of the best tungsten darts on the market. These are darts that have superior grip, unique knurling, a barrel designed to be slim or easy to hold, and have the potential to improve your throw. 

Read on as we outline tried and tested darts (I own two of the sets on this list) that are considered best in class for a good reason!

Quick Summary

Editors Choice: Red Dragon Razor Edge is our dart of choice. The slim dart combined with enhanced grip allows for maximum control and grouping.

Best Value: Red Dragon Amberjack is the best value dart by some distance. It’s one of the most popular options for beginners and is an ideal starter set that can still hold up during competition games. 

Professional Option: The Harrows Wolfram Infinity is an incredibly high-quality dart made from 95% tungsten and CNC machined for a consistent finish.

7 Best Tungsten Darts 

#ProductOur Rating
1RED DRAGON Evos Tungsten8.5/10
2Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip8/10
3RED DRAGON Amberjack 79.5/10
4Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten9/10
5RED DRAGON Razor Edge9/10
6Viper Sinister 95% Tungsten8/10
7CUESOUL Glory8/10

1. RED DRAGON Evos Tungsten – Best Budget

Quick Review: The Red Dragon Evos are an excellent budget option tungsten dart that offer enhanced grip areas and are an affordable price – ideal for a starter dart set for beginners. 

Our Rating: 8.5/10


Material90% Tungsten
WidthNot Specified
Weight24g, 26g, 28g

RED DRAGON Evos Tungsten is a beginner-friendly and budget option tungsten dart that will get you ready for your first league game. 

The key benefit for Evos is the price. This is a cheap dart set, however, they are not compromised in terms of quality material. The Evos are 90% tungsten with specific grip zones for enhanced grip

Therefore, you’re getting a mid-range dart at a third of the price of a similar quality dart from leading brands

A possible downside however is that while you’re getting a bargain price for these darts, some of the components are on the cheaper side. The shafts in particular are prone to breaking easily so these may cost a little extra in the long term. 

If you don’t like the factory shafts that come with most darts, check out our round-up on the best dart shafts to improve your overall dart setup. 

I just touched on it but if you’re a beginner, the grip on the Evos is both comfortable and easy to get adjusted to. This is ideal for players that don’t yet know how to properly hold or grip their dart and need a more ‘catering’ dart for this. 

Overall, for the budget price and well-manufactured dart, the Red Dragon Evos is one of the best tungsten darts for beginners and even experienced players will get good use out of this set. 


  • Good Grip – Two etched zones are ideal for a consistent grip and the indent towards the front of the barrel is great for front grippers. 
  • Highly Rated – These darts have over 3,000 reviews on Amazon and have a rating of 4.5 stars making them one of the most bought and highest rated tungsten darts on the market. 


  • Cheap Shafts – The darts are cheap but good quality, unfortunately, the cheap shafts don’t last long and will need replacing. 

2. Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip – Best Soft Tip

Quick Review: The Viper Diamond dart set is the best soft tip option when considering tungsten darts. They have a slim profile, a knurled grip and come with all the accessories you’d need. 

Rating: 8/10


Material90% Tungsten
Weight16g, 18g

Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip is one of the most popular soft tip tungsten darts on the market.

Firstly, they’re a good-looking dart with laser etchings and knurled grips while the 90% tungsten allows for an incredibly slim barrel at just 6.57mm. The key benefit of this is that you can group your darts easier and this allows for higher scoring.  

Beginners lacking accuracy will still benefit from this, you don’t need to be a 180 merchant to see the benefit of closer grouping and reduced bounce-outs

With the Viper Diamond, you’re getting an all-in-one option that includes a range of accessories (shafts, flights, flight protectors, dart tool, and storage case).

While tungsten is more expensive, you’ll still get value for money with this set thanks to the accessories included. 

Keep in mind this is a soft tip set and arguably the best soft tip tungsten dart. If you’re a UK or European-based player, you may need to look into a steel tip converter if you want to use steel tips. 

Overall, the Viper Diamond is a good dart set for any league player. You can get cheaper darts but for a mid-range price point, you can’t go wrong with this set. 


  • Multiple Accessories – The Viper Diamond comes with multiple accessories including dart flights, a case, extra tips, flight protectors, and a darts tool. 
  • Slim Profile – The slim dart barrel allows for better grouping of your darts and ultimately higher scoring. 
  • Warranty – These darts come with a barrel lifetime warranty meaning that if it’s a set you like, they can be a set for life!


  • Need Customization – The accessories aren’t top grade so we’d recommend getting a different set of flights and maybe even different shafts

3. RED DRAGON Amberjack 7 – Best Overall

Quick Review: One of the most universal and well balanced tungsten darts available. The Red Dragon Amberjack offers a variety of weights and styles making it an ideal option for any ability level. 

Rating: 9.5/10


Material90% Tungsten
Weight21g – 30g

RED DRAGON Amberjack 7 is an affordable yet hugely popular tungsten dart. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced league player, the versatile Amberjack is well suited to a range of players with a slim profile and centrally balanced weight. 

The Amberjacks have a centrally balanced weight distribution with knurling to the front and rear of the barrel allowing for a universal grip and ideally suited for beginners. 

For the price, design, and overall favorability of the Amberjack dart, they are arguably the best tungsten dart on the market for the casual player

Now, an incredibly important point to note with the Amberjack is that they are universal but also come with an extensive range of designs.

What you might not realize when browsing is that the Amberjack comes with a number and each number will have a different design and weight range. 

Our recommendation and the one we are discussing in particular is the “Amberjack 7”. Therefore, if this dart sounds ideal for you, ensure you are purchasing the 7 and not another variation.

Alternatively, feel free to check out the rest of the Amberjack range here for other barrel types and designs. 

The key takeaway with this set is that they are universally liked. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced league player, the Amberjack will likely be a solid option that won’t disappoint. 


  • Weight Range – A wide range of weights are available for the Amberjacks from 21g – 30g.
  • Highly Rated – Over 2,500 Amazon reviews (mostly positive) show that this is a much-used and much-loved dart set. 
  • Distinct Design – The black and orange colorway is a standout feature and an eye-catcher during matchplay.


  • Selection Overload – There are so many Amberjack models that it’s difficult to know which set you’d prefer.

4. Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten – Best Quality

Quick Review: The Wolfram infinity is a premium quality tungsten dart that is ideal for tournament or league standard players.  

Rating: 9/10


Material97% Tungsten
Weight26g – 26g

Harrows Wolfram Infinity 97% Tungsten is a second generation (updated version) of the incredibly popular first-gen version of the Harrows Wolfram darts.

The design for the Wolfram Infinity is top-class. The black titanium nitride barrel is eye-catching and distinct with red retailing for a standout-looking dart.

This is not a generic design and when combined with the tapered barrel, you have a really classy-looking dart.

At 97% tungsten and CNC machined, the Wolfram infinity is about as high-quality tungsten as you can get for a dart making it a premium and professional standard set. Its match weighted to +/- 0.05g meaning the weight of each dart is consistent and precise. 

With the quality and craftsmanship though comes the additional cost. If you’re a beginner or casual thrower, the Harrows Wolfram infinity will likely be out of your price range.

When you start looking into professional-quality darts, the Wolfram Infinity comes into that category and is a premium pick amongst the best tungsten darts. Don’t just take our word for it though, check out another dedicated review below:


  • High-Quality Tungsten – At 97% tungsten, the CNC machined darts have a consistent finish and ultra-slim barrel. 
  • Good Grip – The darts are turned throughout the barrel with a slight taper making for a comfortable and consistent gripping area. 
  • Design – The black titanium nitride barrel with red detailing creates a subtle yet standout dart. 


  • Price – They may be high-quality but they also come with a sizable cost meaning they are not well suited to beginners or casual players. 

5. RED DRAGON Razor Edge Black – Best Grip

Quick Review: The Red Dragon Razor Edge is a dart set with an aggressive grip profile and full length grip zones make it the ideal dart for players that struggle with grip, releasing the dart, and sweaty palms. 

Rating: 9/10


Material85% Tungsten
Weight21g – 33g

RED DRAGON Razor Edge Black is my dart of choice (and also my grandad’s – we have a matching set).

I’m not going to say it’s the best dart set on the market because they’re not, they are however my favorite tungsten dart and my game improved considerably after switching to this set…

The reason for this in my case is because of the superior grip. The Razor Edge, as the name suggests, has a very aggressive grip making it much easier to hold for people that have slightly sweaty hands or get nervous when throwing in a league game or competition. 

I’d get sweaty palms during a match and while it’s not excessive, a smooth barrel would have a tendency to slip during my release.

Switching to the Razor Edge eliminated that issue and my scoring went up considerably with the enhanced grip. 

Alongside the grip, the Razor Edge set comes with an incredibly slim barrel with a tapered design which is made to improve the grouping of darts with reduced bounce outs

While 85% tungsten is the standard model, there is a 95% tungsten edition available. This is of course more expensive but you can check out this option here


  • Design – While you can get a rainbow-colored barrel, the all-black powder-coated option is incredibly sleek in my opinion. If James Bond played darts he’d be using this colorway!
  • Grip – With a grip rating of 5 (aggressive) and full barrel grip zones, this is the ideal dart for players with sweaty palms or issues gripping their dart. 
  • Versatile – The Razor Edge set can be steel tip or soft tip depending on your preference. 


  • Grip – While it’s a pro for most players, the aggressive grip isn’t suitable for everyone and can definitely be too abrasive for some players. 

6. Viper Sinister 95% Tungsten Steel Tip – Best for Scoring

Quick Review: Designed for speed, the aerodynamic design is suited for fast throwers who play with momentum. The 

Rating: 8/10


Material95% Tungsten
Weight24g, 25g

Viper Sinister 95% Tungsten is a dart designed for speed. At 95% tungsten, it’s going to be a good dart out of the box in terms of product quality but it’s the design of the dart that will be of interest to fast throwers. 

Machined to be aerodynamic, the smooth barrel has no ridges or grooves, and all connecting points (steel tip and shaft) taper into the barrel leaving no visible edges. This reduces friction as the dart travels toward the board ultimately increasing its speed. 

The benefit of this is that if you’re a fast thrower that likes to use momentum, these darts will truly fly.

With no grooves or gripping zones, the dart will also leave your hand much quicker when throwing allowing for a faster and smoother release of the dart.

There isn’t an exact correlation but most of the quick dart throwers tend to be heavy scorers. This could be due to momentum and it’s not true for everyone, just a personal observation, but if you’re already a fast thrower then these darts are going to be a good option for you. 

This is a mid-range dart so isn’t too expensive at around $70 (at the time of writing) but it also isn’t the cheapest so this is definitely an option for a more seasoned player and wouldn’t be suited to beginners.

If you’ve not yet gotten used to gripping a dart you’d likely struggle with this dart, to begin with!

The barrel is top quality and I’m not sure if this is a pro or a con but for such a good barrel, the shaft and flights don’t do it justice and most users of these darts recommend upgrading them. 

Overall, there isn’t too much to say about this dart. It’s a very good quality dart that’s made for a specific purpose and that is to be easy to release and aerodynamic.

It’s ideal for fast throwers but if you’re a player who struggles with gripping a dart (like me) then this may not be for you. 

It’s almost the opposite of the Razor Edge covered above. 


  • Aerodynamic – The machined barrel with no grooves or grip zones makes for an aerodynamic dart for fast throwers and heavy scorers. 
  • High-Quality – 95% tungsten barrel, oxide coated steel points, and a lifetime barrel guarantee all allow for a high-quality dart guaranteed to last.
  • Well Rated – This isn’t a dart for everyone but if it suits your grip and release, then you’ll find it’s loved by the players that use them. 


  • Minimal Grip – If you’re a beginner and can’t yet grip a dart confidently then this wouldn’t be a good starter dart. 
  • Weights – These darts currently only come in 24g or 25g weights. We’re not sure if this is due to availability but it means you’d be quite limited in weight for these darts.

7. CUESOUL Glory 85% Tungsten – Good All-Rounder

Quick Review: The Cuesoul Glory is a well balanced dart at an affordable price making it a good overall option for beginner players. 

Rating: 8/10


Material85% Tungsten
Weight22g, 24g, 26g

CUESOUL Glory is a decent all-around dart that has an affordable price and is well suited to beginners

The profile of the dart is similar to the Red Dragon Razor Edge and has some ridged grooves for a better grip whilst also being relatively balanced in terms of gripping positions. 

They come in a variety of weights and designs so you do have some choice with this set and if you’re a real beginner it would be a good idea to start out with either the 22g or 24g to get used to the weight. 

Once you become a more serious player, part of the fun of darts is customizing your set to have the ideal aesthetic. In honesty, the Cuesoul Glory is quite a basic set with no distinctive or stand-out features. Therefore, if you’re a seasoned player you will likely want a more “exciting” looking set. 

Overall, this is a solid starter set that many players still choose to use for match play. With an affordable price and well-balanced dart, you’ll find it hard to find many better starter sets outside of some already mentioned in this roundup. 


  • Price – Widely available for under $40, these darts are affordable and great for starter sets. 
  • Variety – I’ll mention a con being that this is a basic set, however, there are a lot of variations available in terms of colorways and designs. 


  • Basic – There are no standout features or selling points to this set. While it’s a good starter set, competitive players or avid players will want a more exciting dart.

Buyers Guide – How to Choose Tungsten Darts

Tungsten darts are considered to be the professional standard. They are almost all high-quality darts that have a higher material density than nickel or brass darts. This means that tungsten darts can be both lighter and thinner than other types of darts and will last longer.

Related – Tungsten vs Brass vs Nickel Darts

What are Tungsten Darts

As mentioned above, tungsten darts are high-quality darts that are made to be slim and durable.

The reason tungsten darts are preferred by professional and competitive players is that it allows for a variety of weights to be manufactured whilst still maintaining a slim profile. 

This is crucial because the slimmer a dart barrel is, the more likely you are to group your darts (skill dependent of course), and therefore, the better your odds are of scoring heavily. 

Tungsten darts also allow for more specific designs as the material is more durable. Therefore, you can get much better gripping zones and barrel tapers when using tungsten darts and this is better for gripping and releasing the dart. 

Tungsten Percentage

Tungsten darts will come with a percentage rating. This indicates how much tungsten is used in the barrel with a higher tungsten rating often indicating a better quality dart. 

The percentage of tungsten can vary but anything from 75% – 90% tungsten is good quality with 95% tungsten considered to be premium. 


Linked to the above, higher quality tungsten will often mean that a dart can be made heavier whilst maintaining its slim profile.

A 30g brass barrel will likely be 50% wider than a 30g tungsten dart so if you need a heavier dart, tungsten options are almost essential. 

For anyone using darts weighing 18g – 28g, the tungsten percentage won’t matter too much as you’ll still have a very slim dart but if you want to use heavier weights, you’ll want to consider darts with a tungsten percentage of 90% and above. 


Tungsten darts are undoubtedly and unquestionably the best material for darts – especially if you want to take the game seriously and play competitively. The material is denser meaning you can have a heavier dart while still maintaining a slim dart barrel. 

Tungsten darts can also be customized allowing for better designs and features but this does mean you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a set. In our opinion, the best tungsten darts are: 

  • Red Dragon Razor Edge
  • Harrows Wolfram Infinity
  • Red Dragon Amberjack

If you choose one of these sets then you can’t really go wrong. If you’re a US-based darter or play mostly on an electronic dartboard then we’d also recommend checking out our full guide on the best soft tip darts on the market (with a UK-specific version too).