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5 Best Dart Cases & Wallets (For Storage & Travel)

Best Dart Cases

One of the worst things you can do as a dart player is to leave your darts in the board when not in use (as it destroys the dartboard) or leave your darts on the side (where they are subject to moisture or direct sunlight). 

If we’re being honest, you probably also don’t want to use a cheap dart case that came with your darts as they are more fiddly and troublesome due to the cheap material used. 

Therefore, to store darts correctly you’ll want to use a dart case or wallet. These are products that keep your darts stored safely and make it easy to transport them for league games, tournaments, or general travel. 

In this article, we’ll list the best dart cases and wallets on the market. These aren’t random additions either as we’ve either owned or tested the cases on this list and have the pictures to demonstrate this so if a case has made it onto this list, you can be sure it genuinely is one of the best options you can consider…

What are Dart Cases

Dart cases are a common darts accessory that allows you to store your darts when not in use. They come in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and materials and also have different purposes depending on your individual needs. 

Are you an avid tester of darts and accessories? Then you’ll need a larger case with multiple storage compartments. 

Are you less flashy and just have your matchplay set? Then you’ll need a streamlined case that’s easy to travel with. 

Currently, I own 5 dart cases from different brands and with different purposes (two of which have made this list) so the best cases on this list have been chosen from tried and tested products along with some of the most popular or highest rated options on the market. 

5 Best Dart Cases 

#ProductOur Rating
1Target Darts Takoma Wallet9.5/10
2Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case8.5/10
3CyeeLife-Darts case7.5/10
4Casemaster Sentry 6 Dart Case Slim9/10
5Red Dragon Tri-Fold Pro Dart Wallet8.5/10

1. Target Darts Takoma WalletBest Overall Darts Case

Quick Review: The Target Darts Takoma Wallet is an ideal size case for storing a set of darts with some accessories and looks great in the process. 

Our Rating: 9.5/10

Length:7.28 in
Width:3.74 in
Height:1.77 in
Weight:Not Specified

Target Darts Takoma Wallet is our choice as the best overall darts case and is ideal for both beginner and competitive players. I personally own this case and find it to be the best option for both storing and transporting darts. 

Check out our full review of the Target Takoma Wallet here.

The dart case itself is made from a flexible yet durable EVA which is good for travel and will hold one set of darts (with an elastic strap) along with a few sets of flights, shafts, or other accessories in the 2 x accessory pocket. 

The case is available in a range of colors and when comparing it against other cases on the market, it’s a fair point to say that this is arguably the best-looking case from a visual perspective

The only downside we (and others) can see with this case is that the interior darts holder and accessory pockets could do with some minor tweaks. These are genuinely minor and would simply be to hold the darts and spare shaft more firmly in place.

Overall, this is one of the highest-rated and most popular darts cases on the market – and for good reason! It looks great with a choice of vivid colors, is durable for long-term use, and is just the right size for most people. 

If you like this case you can also get the Takoma XL and Takoma Home which have significantly more storage but the same base design.


  • Size – For a sealable case, the size isn’t too big or too small making it perfect for multiple uses
  • Functionality – The durable EVA exterior and spacious interior make this a seriously usable case
  • Great Looking – Arguably the best-looking dart case on the market with clean and vivid colors


  • Interior – The dart holder and accessory pockets could do with some tweaking to hold everything more firmly

2. Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case – Best Case for Storage

Quick Review: The Casemaster Legion is a large dart case with a huge storage capacity ideal for dart players with multiple dart sets and accessories. 

Rating: 8.5/10

Length:10.25 in
Width:8.0 in
Height:2.5 in
Weight:1.79 lbs

Casemaster Legion Aluminum Dart Case is a durable and large dart case for players that have a lot of darts or accessories – definitely a good option for team captains!

Storage is key with this case, you’ll get storage for 9 x sets of darts, sleeves (for barrels or shafts), flight pockets, large pockets (for checkout cards), and 2 x storage tubs for countless spare soft tips. For the price, there are few other cases that offer this level of storage

It comes with an ergonomic carry case for use in league games and while the aluminum case looks good, the key benefit is that it’s incredibly durable for long-term use and even has reinforced edges in case you drop it. 

The one downside is that with so much space for accessories, the pockets and sleeves are not the most secure so accessories can easily come out and move around when moving the case around (travel to matches for example). It’s not a major issue but something that could be tweaked. 

For a large case though, this is arguably the best option on the market if you have numerous darts and accessories that you want to store in one place. 


  • Storage – The Casemaster Legion offers a huge storage capacity for multiple sets of darts and almost all the accessories you’d need
  • Durability – A sturdy aluminum case is durable and long-lasting
  • Popularity – Given the size of this case, it’s the most popular and most owned option in its size range demonstrating how usable it is


  • Loose Items – The only downside is that there are no elasticated or securing straps to keep the accessories in place during transit

3. CyeeLife-Darts Case Best Budget Case

Quick Review: A hard and durable case that’s available at a budget price. This is great for any player that has a basic dart setup with minimal accessories. 

Rating: 7.5/10
Max Dart Dimensions (not the case):

Length:6.5 in
Width:0.3 in

CyeeLife-Darts case is a minimalistic and budget dart case ideal for players that have a very basic dart setup

The hard plastic case is built to hold a fully assembled set of darts without needing to disassemble them in between use. The clasping lid is easy to open and keeps everything menial for anyone needing a streamlined case for travel of league matches. 

One safety issue with this case is the hole at the bottom of the case. This is used to hold a steel tip dart in place but it can then catch things during movement and also blunt the dart through repeated contact with surfaces.

If you have minimal needs in terms of a dart case and are operating on a smaller budget, you can’t go wrong with this inexpensive dart case which ticks all the basic requirement boxes. 

Make sure you measure your darts before considering this set. I’ve listed the max dart dimensions above instead of listing out the case dimensions which could be misleading or deceiving. 


  • Price – Quite possibly the most affordable and budget option case on the market
  • Minimal – There are no fancy aspects (reflected by the price) meaning you get a secure case for basic use and travel – it even comes with a carabiner


  • Storage – This case can only store your set of darts and has no additional room for accessories. 
  • Safety – There is a small hole at the bottom of the case where steel tips can stick out

4. Casemaster Sentry 6 Dart Case SlimMost Popular Dart Case

Quick Review: A compact and durable case with sufficient storage for most players’ needs. One of the most popular cases on the market. 

Rating: 9/10

Length:7.5 in
Width:3.25 in
Height:2.25 in
Weight:0.75 lbs

Casemaster Sentry 6 Dart Case Slim is a durable and compact dart case that is great for travel. 

The build quality of this case is arguably its best feature. The durable (yet slightly flexible) outer shell is solid enough to protect your darts from any drops or bangs whilst also providing protection from moisture to keep your darts in great condition

It’s also worth mentioning that the zipper on this case is noticeably smooth, not something you’d usually consider but it’s definitely nice to use. 

For such a compact case, the storage capacity is quite surprising. While the case is similar to the Target Takoma (our pick of dart cases), it has the storage capacity equivalent to the Takoma XL which makes this case great for storage but also travel

With that said, the interior can be quite deceptive with storing 2 x sets of darts being a bit of a push. A two dart set storage case is a bit of an awkward gap in the market and most might end up preferring the added space for accessories that comes with a single set case. 

When you see how many people have bought this case combined with the high average rating, it’s fair to make the assumption that this is one of the most popular dart cases on the market and its functionality clearly seems to justify this. 


  • Rating – The Casemaster Sentry is one of the most owned and highest-rated cases on the market
  • Dart Security – The durable and rigid outer shell and zip lock case keeps your darts safe from drops or moisture
  • Compact – The compact design offers a good level of storage but is still slimline enough for ease of use when traveling. 


  • Deceptive Interior – The interior storage is a bit deceptive, you can fit two darts but it can be cramped and is the main reason why I prefer the slimmer Target Takoma

5. Red Dragon Tri-Fold Pro Dart Wallet – Best For Casual Player

Quick Review: A functional and easy-to-use dart wallet that’s ideal for a casual dart player with few accessories.

Rating: 8.5/10

Length:6.34 in
Width:3.19 in
Height:0.75 in
Weight:0.13 lbs

Red Dragon Tri-Fold Pro Dart Wallet is a folding velcro wallet that has more of a traditional design. The reason you’d want this case is that it’s lightweight and easy to keep on your person when traveling.

At just 0.13 lbs in weight (without darts or accessories) this is one of the lightest cases on the market. 

Its folding velcro flaps mean that it’s quick and easy to open and close and has plenty of storage for a set of darts and accessories but it’s not as secure as a ziplock or clasp close case. I own the first iteration of this case and often find that flights or shafts are not fully secured whenever I open the case up.  

The only issue with this product is that it’s a fold-flat wallet. This means everything needs to be flat packed and often disassembled in between use to store it correctly. You’ll also struggle to store any larger accessories. 

This product was launched in 2016 and is standing the test of time and just to demonstrate how good these cases are in terms of longevity, I still have the V1 version of this case which I got in 2014. 


  • Lightweight – Weighing just 0.13 lbs, this is one of the lightest cases you can buy (before adding darts or accessories) so is a great option for lightweight storage
  • Compact – Lightweight and small enough that this can easily be kept in your jacket or pants pockets


  • Ease of Storage – Unfortunately, as this is a dart wallet you won’t be able to store your darts with the flights attached which is an inconvenience

Buyers Guide – How to Choose a Dart Case

Dart cases are not the most complicated accessory but there are some key things you should keep in mind before purchasing one…

Size and Storage

The main thing to consider is what do you need the case for as this will determine the size you get. There are cases that will only hold the darts with no extra accessories so if you use a very basic setup, this will do just the job. 

If, however, you have multiple sets and are a constant tester of darts and accessories like Peter Wright then you’ll want to get a larger case with multiple compartments to store all these items. 


When it comes to the material of the case, you want to consider both the external material used for the outside of the dart case as well as the interior of the case. 

The exterior can be leather, wood, plastic, EVA, aluminum, soft plastic, or rubber, and while there isn’t a single best material some will be better than others depending on your personal preference. Leather and wood cases look good and are relatively durable but require maintenance whereas an EVA exterior will be durable, look good, but requires minimal maintenance. 

For an interior, you’ll want it to be relatively cushioned to protect your darts and accessories so padding is always something that’s beneficial. Elasticated straps are also easy on the darts but try to avoid hard plastics which can damage the coating of your equipment – even though they are great for securing it in place.


When getting a dart case or wallet, you’ll be doing so with some specific uses in mind. In our experience, the main reasons why you’ll need a case is to:

  1. Store your darts at home
  2. Store multiple sets of darts and accessories
  3. Make it easier to transport your darts for travel and matches

When you look at these reasons in isolation it can make it easier in deciding what you need to look for in a dart case. If you’re an absolute beginner with just a single set of darts, all you’ll likely need is a basic case that will store a single set of darts. 

If, however, you’re more experienced and have multiple sets of darts along with accessories then you’ll need to look at much larger dart cases that can store multiple sets of darts and accessories in one place. If you play competitively, you might have a few cases as you’ll have a larger one for home use along with a smaller one with your essential accessories for matchplay. 


Dart cases offer a simple and convenient way to store your darts and additional accessories – both to keep them safe when not in use and also for ease of travel. There are definitely some cheap options with poor functionality on the market though. 

Therefore, both the brands and products mentioned above offer the best possible options in terms of solid dart cases and if we had to narrow it down even further, the best dart cases you can get are:

  1. Target Takoma Darts Case (Best Overall)
  2. Casemaster Legion (Best for Storage)
  3. Casemaster Sentry (Most Popular)