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Target Darts Takoma Darts Wallet Review

Target Takoma Darts Wallet Review

If you’ve been playing darts for more than 1 year, chances are you’ve started to build up a collection of darts and accessories.

As a result, I’d also bet that you have a few dart cases in your collection. 

Many darts will come with a generic case to store your darts but once you start taking darts seriously, it’s time to upgrade to a more specific case or wallet. 

Today we’ll be reviewing the Target Darts Takoma Darts Wallet.

The Target Takoma is a soft, lightweight, affordable, and durable case that’s made to hold 3 x darts.

It doesn’t cover all bases but it’s definitely a case that has some serious mass appeal. 

Heads up, it’s one of our favorite cases on the market so read on to find out why…

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Target Darts Takoma Darts Wallet Review: Our Verdict

The Target Darts Takoma Darts Wallet is one of our favorite options and is also our overall best pick in our roundup of the best dart cases which you can see here


Length:7.28 in
Width:3.74 in
Height:1.77 in
Weight:Not Specified

This is a dart wallet that allows you to store a set of darts (3 pieces) fully assembled and it’s designed in such a way that the darts won’t be damaged in any way. 

The case has some space for accessories, mainly some spare flights and shafts, and it’s overall a good looking case for a professional set up. 

It’s not perfect and won’t be ideal for everyone but it’s my personal favorite case and the reviews on Amazon back this up (It’s a #1 best seller in the UK). 


  • Size – For a sealable case, the size isn’t too big or too small making it perfect for multiple uses
  • Functionality – The durable EVA exterior and spacious interior make this a seriously usable case
  • Great Looking – Arguably the best-looking dart case on the market with clean and vivid colors


  • Interior – The dart holder and accessory pockets could do with some tweaking to hold everything more firmly in place (though this really isn’t an issue, I just had to find a negative point)

Who Should Buy It

If you’re a league player or travel often and play darts on the go then this is a great travel wallet.

It can hold everything you need for darts on the go and to be honest, if you’re a beginner or don’t have an extensive dart range then this can definitely act as your only dart wallet. 

It looks good, allows you to store darts fully assembled 

Who Shouldn’t Buy It

Anyone with a large dart and accessory collection.

This is very much an individual case designed for a single set of darts with a limited amount of storage space for accessories. You can get some spare flights, shafts, and maybe a spare set of barrels at a push. 

Therefore, this isn’t a storage wallet so if that’s something you’re looking for then you are better off looking at some XL versions (Target have the Takoma range in larger versions). 

Target Darts Takoma Darts Wallet Review: Product Overview


Target Darts Takoma Darts Wallet

My favorite aspect with the Takoma wallet is the design aspect. 

Firstly, there’s a range of vibrant and sleek colors available.

While I should have chosen the aqua case to match the Decent Darts branding or the black case (because it looks so clean), I’m not disappointed with the red, it looks serious on matchday!!

Regardless of which color you choose, the Takoma is the best looking and arguably most functional case on the market.

It has a balance between good storage capacity (more on this in a moment) whilst also just looking better than any other case on the market. 

Externally, you’ve got the EVA material with a 360-degree zip lock and a hanging loop to attach it to a bag or hang from a hook. It’s nothing mind blowing. 

Inside though, it’s designed with enough room to fully store a dart set with flights fully open and still attached to the dart.

It’s got soft velvet lining with an elasticated band to ensure your darts fit snugly inside with no damage to the structure or paint work. 

We’re not saying it’s a perfect case but when it comes to the design it’s pretty much faultless in our opinion. 

Design – 10/10

Storage Capacity

The Takoma wallet is a 3 x dart holder with 2 x zip lock pockets to hold spare shafts and flights.

It’s definitely a single set wallet but if you really wanted to, you could squeeze in a spare set of barrels but they would be loose so not ideal if you don’t want to scratch your match set. 

The padded internal holder keeps the darts held firmly in place and the elastic cover just adds another layer of stability to stop your darts from moving around inside the case. 

The best feature in terms of storage is that the darts can be stored fully assembled so the flights aren’t flattened or damaged. 

Another subtle hack I use to further maintain the flight condition is to store the dart in the middle upside down.

This means none of the flights are even touching each other so I’ve never had an issue when traveling with this set. 

I’d say this is a match day wallet rather than one you’d use for everyday storage of accessories and spares. It just doesn’t have the capacity to hold multiple items. 

With that said, Target does have an extended range that includes a Takoma XL and Takoma Home which are both larger options for greater storage. Therefore, if you like the case but need more storage then it’s worth noting that Takoma has it covered. 

Capacity – 7/10


This is a solid case but definitely worth noting that it’s made from EVA plastic so this has both benefits and drawbacks.

The benefits are that it’s much stronger than a fabric case, it will hold its shape well, it’s rigid, and it will protect your equipment inside. 

The drawback is that it seems sturdier than it really is. It’s not made from a hard plastic so it can’t be kept underneath any sort of weight which can damage both the case and items inside. 

I’ve had this case for over a year and a half now and it looks just as new as the day I got it.

You can see I’ve reviewed this on our roundup of the best dart cases in early 2022 so anything over a year is good enough to justify and comment on the durability of the case. 

I can’t really fault it, the inside has remained intact, the molded interior still holds the darts filmy in place and the elastic holder is still doing its job. 

Durability – 8/10


While it’s larger and thicker than many single set dart cases, the Target Takoma is still small enough to be a portable option.

It can fit in a jacket pocket or also a backpack pocket when traveling and is durable enough to keep your darts and accessories protected. 

The only point to note is that the case is an EVA material and not a hard plastic. It’s therefore rigid, durable, and will maintain its shape (while protecting the darts inside ) but it shouldn’t be placed underneath any heavy weight. 

Keep that in mind if you plan on packing it in luggage for any long haul travel. 

Portability – 9/10


For a 3 x dart wallet capacity, the sturdy case is priced in line with fabric wallets that are going to be less durable. 

It’s made from great material and has lasted me over a year and a half now staying in very good condition so I can say it definitely offers great value for money. 

I’d rate the price almost perfect if it wasn’t for the fact that CyeeLife dart case with an incredibly similar design (may have used the same manufacturer?) on Amazon for the same price but it can hold 6 darts. 

Obviously I’d need to test this other case before making any conclusions because the quality could be worse but for the Takoma darts wallet, the price point is definitely favorable. 

Price – 9/10


If you are looking for an everyday case/wallet that’s ideal for league games or for darts on the go then we’d 100% recommend this case.

I own several cases of different designs and materials and when I’m taking my darts anywhere, the Takoma is my go-to option. 

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