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Revisiting John Lowe’s HISTORIC First Ever Televised Nine-Dart Finish

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On October 13th, 1984, John Lowe, a decorated World Champion and one of the best to ever set foot on the oche, rewrote darts history. 

During a quarter-final match against Kieth Deller at the MFI World Matchplay, Lowe stunned audiences (live and televised) with a darting feat that would become legendary.

He hit the first ever televised nine-darter

Players were more than capable of doing this in practice, exhibitions, and minor tournaments at that time but no one had done it on the biggest stage. That was until a true gentleman of the game stepped up…

Lowe’s history unfolded with a series of perfect throws. 

Two consecutive 180 scores (with the commentator excitedly proclaiming ‘yes’ after every shot) were followed by clinical throws – treble 17, treble 18, and finally, a double 18 to check out on 141.

The crowd erupted, Lowe and Deller exchanged smiles and a then-record prize of £102,000 was being written on a cheque!

While not the first nine-darter ever (others occurred in non-televised matches), Lowe’s televised feat was a watershed moment. 

It brought the possibility of the impossible to a wider audience and while it’s seen much more frequently these days, it was unheard of at the time.  

Having said that, to this day, this is still the most popular darts video on YouTube with an astonishing 15 million views. 

That might not seem like a lot of views compared against more viral videos from other genres but for darts, it’s an unbelievable number 🤯

It may not have been viewed live but the feat was so groundbreaking for darts that it’s possibly the most seen moment in darting history – ironically. 

To relieve this epic moment in darts history, check out the video below provided by the Unicorn Darts YouTube channel. 

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