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Mickey Mouse Darts

How to Play Mickey Mouse Darts (Cricket Darts Variation)

Mickey Mouse darts is a variation of the hugely popular game, cricket darts.

The reason cricket darts is so popular is because it’s an easy game to learn and play, yet still offers a great competitive aspect that more skilled players enjoy. 

In this article, we’ll show you how to play mickey mouse darts (it’s easy to learn!) and cover all the rules, scoring, and tips so that you don’t get stuck playing cricket darts forever…

Number of Players

2 players

Mickey Mouse Darts is for 2 players and is perfect to play with a friend or family member. 

Mickey Mouse Darts Rules and Scoring

The aim of Mickey Mouse Darts is to close out the numbers from 20 to 15 and the bullseye. There are quite a few different variations of Mickey Mouse Darts, where in some cases players will close out the numbers from 20 to 12, and will also use the doubles and triples. 

In these rules, you’ll see how you can play both the simplified version, using the numbers 20 to 15, and the bullseye, and the more advanced version that also incorporates doubles and triples. It’s really up to you and the other player which version you want to play, but it adds an extra element if you want to switch things up a little!

The player who hits closest to the bullseye begins. If both players are within equal distance, they’ll have a ‘throw-off’ until there’s a clear winner.

Each turn, players throw 3 darts to try and close out the numbers.

For example, if Player 1 opens a number by throwing 3 darts, the only player that can score on this number is player 1. It’s then up to Player 2 to close this number in the same way, by throwing 3 darts. If Player 2 wants to score, they’ll need to open another number. Once a number is closed, Player 2 can no longer score.

The game ends when all the numbers and the bullseye have been opened and closed. The winner is the one with the most points at the end.

Double/Triple Variation

If a dart lands in a double or triple, players can then use the open space to close out that number or to close one of their doubles or triples. 

If a double is used to close out a number, the player scores 2 points, and if it’s a triple, they score 3. 

Mickey Mouse Darts Objective

The objective of Mickey mouse darts is to open numbers, score on them before your opponent and then close your opponent’s numbers in the process. The player with the most points once all numbers have been opened and closed is the winner. 

How to Play Mickey Mouse Darts

To play Mickey Mouse Darts, you’ll need a good strategy. It’s not just about throwing the darts aimlessly. 

It’s figuring out when is the best time to open or close a number. You’ll constantly have to be deciding whether to score, to open, to close, or go for the bullseye. 

The first player often has an advantage over the second, as they’re able to make the first decision. While strategy games like poker have the benefit of going last in order to assess the information before making a move, mickey mouse darts players benefit from going first and being decisive. 

To score more points, the second player may want to extend the game to ensure that they have a chance of winning. Depending on the level of strategy at play during the game, it could last anywhere between 5 and 30 minutes. 

Here are a few tips and tricks that might help you to play Mickey Mouse Darts well. 

Player 1

If you can, trying to aim for the bullseye at the beginning is crucial. Being the first player in this game will give you a massive advantage over your opponent. 


Throughout the game, you should keep the focus on what you’re doing. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and want to instantly close your opponent. However, it’s a game of strategy. 

Take your time to think about whether or not it’s the best move. Impulse decisions could be a major downfall to your gameplay. 

If you’re lacking points against your opponent, don’t try and close them. You’ll want to be at least 2 darts ahead of your opponent before trying to close, so if you’re not, then it might be best if you try and score some points instead. 

After all, the winner is the one with the most points!


It’s difficult to judge when it’s the right time to go for the bullseye, but it’s vital to win. If you’re way ahead of your opponent, then it might be the perfect time to try. They’ll be concentrated on scoring points and with the rising pressure, it’ll give you more of a chance to aim. 

Mickey Mouse Darts Example Game

In your first throw, you could potentially open a number. If you use 2 darts and land on a single and a double, this means that you’ve hit the number 3 times (1+2). Once you’ve opened up the number, your remaining dart can be used for scoring. If you hit a double 20, you’ll then score 40 points. 

Your opponent now has a decision to make, will they try to close your number to stop you from scoring more, or, will they try to open their own number (19 for example) and try to start scoring points themselves. 

This decision-making between both players continues until all the target numbers have been opened and closed. The player with the most points wins. 


There are around 5-6 dart games that are by far the most popular for players of all skill levels. With each of these games, there are also variations to the rules just to keep them interesting. 

If you’re a fan of cricket darts, you’ll definitely want to consider trying out mickey mouse darts. Because of the name, this is also a great darts game for kids – despite not actually having anything to do with Mickey Mouse!