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9 Weirdest Moments in Darts History

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As the saying goes:

“Darts, it’s a funny old game”.

We agree. 

For all the electric scoring and heavy finishing, dart players are still just mere mortals like the rest of us. 

In fact, darts players are probably the most relatable players in any sport/game. 

Therefore, when stuff goes wrong or unexpected, it’s almost like we can imagine it happening to us. 

I can’t imagine taking a penalty in a World Cup Final but a power cut stopping a darts match – yeah that would be me… 

Therefore, we’ve compiled a short list of the weirdest moments in darts history.

9 of the Weirdest Moments We’ve Ever Seen in Darts

9) Ryan Searle Caught Cheating

Easily one of the weirdest moments in darts history in when a player gets caught cheating, but it might not even be his fault. 

During a 2010 Winmau World Masters match, Ryan Searle threw a match dart at D10 which landed just outside the wire for a no score. 

Before he had a chance to follow the dart up though, the referee called game. 

When the ref calls ‘game’ we can definitely give Searle the benefit of the doubt. He could easily have just automatically assumed it was in and took his darts out. 

It’s also known that Searle doesn’t have the best eyesight so there’s that as well.

For everyone else watching though it was clearly on the wire and for a marker going in for D10, you can’t really get one better than that!

Cheating in general is frowned upon but even more so in darts. 

Therefore, while this was claimed as ‘cheating’, it was more likely the combination of a mistake by the ref and Searle’s borderline legal blindness that wouldn’t have happened in any other instance.  

8) Gary Anderson Goes From a 180 to 0 in the World Championship Final

Allow us to set the scene for this one. 

It’s the 2015 World Championship Final, Gary Anderson vs Phil Taylor. 

First to 7 sets and both players are matched at 4 sets a piece. 

Gary Anderson has the darts in the first leg of the ninth set. He steps up to the oche.

First dart – T20
Second dart – T20
Third Dart – T20

Score – 0

Confused by that sequence of play? Well, Gary was so accurate during this leg that his first two darts were neatly grouped together. 

His third dart was again on target but unfortunately collided with the two darts that were already in the treble. 

You can see in slow motion that it’s landing in the bed for a 180 score but unfortunately, Gary knocked all three out of the board and scored 0 points on the world’s biggest darting stage. 

More fortunately, Anderson went on to beat Taylor 7-6 and win his first World Championship title but that is a leg that could have cost him dearly. 

Taylor was averaging 100 and if there’s someone you don’t want a ‘no score’ against, it’s that man!

7) When You Celebrate Too Early

Joe Murnan is a name you might not be too familiar with. He was most active on the PDC Tour between 2014 – 2016 with some Last 32 placings in Majors. 

He’s beaten some well established players but his most notable moment came against Andy Hamilton. 

At 2 sets and 4 legs apiece, Murnan hits D16 to checkout a tidy 112 finish. 

He immediately lets out a burst of energy thinking he’s won the match and turns to Hamilton to shake hands but Hamilton is bemused. 

The format of the tournament meant that you had to win by two clear legs, of which Murnan was only one leg clear. 

You can see the confusion and clogs turning as he eventually realises that he’s not actually won the match. 

I’m feeling the cringe for him just writing this. 

Fortunately he went on to win the next leg and match but he now knows what happens when you celebrate too early!

6) Peter Wright Crouched Shot

During a game between Peter Wright and MVG in 2014, Wright attempted a shot that you wouldn’t call audacious but more amateur(ish). 

After throwing a T20, his next dart went too high of the target, to adjust for this throw, Wright crouched down and shot in the most unorthodox way to try and get under the blocking dart. 

The commentary is what makes this moment even better though. You can just hear: 


A significant factor in darts is consistency and technique, once you cover the T20 bed, the obvious shot is a cover shot down to the 19s. 

To attempt to crouch down to get under the dart is genuinely the logic you see complete novices of the game appy.

To see a world champion do it is therefore one of the strangest things you’ll likely see in darts. 

5) Michael Smith Knocks Out Two T20’s to Score Just 20

Smith is known for his fast throw and heavy scoring. With seemingly no aiming and a smooth release, Smith hits the treble bed with ease. 

Well, except for one occasion. 

During the 2014 World Championship match against Peter Wright, Smith threw two tightly grouped T20 scores lining up a 180 shot. 

His last dart however did not get the message…

Smith not only hit single 20 with his last dart but he collided with the first two darts, knocking them both out of the board. 

He had gone from scoring 120 with two darts to a score of 20 with three. 

This is similar to the Anderson shot from earlier but we think it’s even more strange because his last dart wasn’t even in the treble. 

We can see how the Anderson collision happened but Smith’s shot looks stranger and stranger the more you watch it!

4) Anderson vs Harms: Who Farted?

That’s not the headline you expect to see too often. 

Following a match between Gary Anderson and Wesley Harms, both players reported that at one stage there was a foul smell and each thought the other was the guilty person. 

We’ll never know for sure but one thing we do know is that Anderson had the WILDEST way of describing it. 

This is the official quote from Anderson in a press conference following the incident: 

Anderson – “I thought he had s***”

Interviewer (clearly stunned) – “Sorry”

Anderson – “I thought Wesley had… farted”

🤣🤣 I’ve just had to take a break from finishing this because I was giggling to myself. 

Professional darts players and Anderson being a grown man to come out with a comment like that – priceless! 

You can see his brain during the interview literally telling him, ‘probably shouldn’t say that first bit, go with farted, it’s more pg’.

There are better comments but reading won’t do it justice, watch the clip above for the full experience. 

3) Colin Lloyd Punches the Dartboard in Anger 

There are always heated moments in any sport, and darts is no different. 

Usually it’s arguments between players, fans, or both, but in one instance, Colin Lloyd took his frustration out on the dartboard. 

Lloyd scores 55 in a closely contested match against Welge tied 2-2 on sets and when collecting his darts from the board, he lets out a display of pure anger and punches the dartboard. 

You see the board momentarily cave in against the backdrop (showing he hits it with some force) and later you see he actually damages his knuckles with a visible cut. 

A tightly compacted sisal dartboard combined with steel wires is not something you want to be punching, even in a moment of just blind rage. 

We’d say he was lucky to not cause more damage to his hand, especially considering he hits it with his playing hand. 

2) Aspinall Struck by Stage

Shortly after defeating Mario Vandenbogarde (what a name!) Nathan Aspinall spends a moment to interact with the crowd before walking back to shake officials hands at the oche. 

In a moment you really don’t expect to see, ‘The Asp’ is struck by a falling banner and looks around perplexed, not knowing what has happened. 

Fortunately it was just some foamex sign which you can see flexes as it strikes Aspinall as there is little weight to it. 

If it was something more substantial then it would be a very different story but we’re pretty sure parts of the stage falling down on the players is well up there for the weirdest moments in darts!

1) Gerwyn Price Turns up Wearing Ear Defenders

If there’s one thing we know about Gerwyn Price, it’s that he and fans do not get on!

There are numerous examples of the crowds abusing Price and just as many of him giving it back to them. 

Arguably the prime example of this came in his 2023 World Championship loss to Gabriel Clemens.

In a match where he was ‘affected by noise from the crowd’, Price, returning from the break, took to the stage wearing a set of ear defenders. 

No one knew if that was allowed (officials included) as it was such a strange thing, it had never been seen before.

Trust Price to find a way to annoy countless fans, just by covering his ears 😅

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Well, there we have it. Those were our 9 weirdest moments in darts. 

What do you think of the list? 

Let us know in the comments below and if you have any suggestion for better moments that we’ve missed let us know, we’ll happily combine them for a part 2!

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