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Are Dartboard Stands Any Good

Are Dartboard Stands Any Good?

When it comes to darts or dartboard accessories, it’s difficult to know exactly what you need for an ideal setup. As darts become more popular and technology and innovation come into the game, most dart setups are becoming more complex. 

One particular addition that divides opinion is a dartboard stand. In the past, people have converted camera stands into DIY dartboard stands for scenarios where they couldn’t have a board at home and it worked just fine. If that’s the case, are dartboard stands any good or even necessary?

Dartboard stands are good for portable play, both at home or when traveling. They provide stability for the dartboard, can be set to the correct height easily, are fast to set up, and incredibly convenient for allowing you to play darts anywhere, even when you can’t hang a dartboard at home. 

In my opinion, dartboard stands are a great addition to your setup even if you have a permanent setup already at home. The versatility you get with a dartboard stand is great and I personally use one over a fixed location for convenience and daily practice. 

In this article, I’ll cover who a dartboard stand would be most suitable for, when you should look to use them, and also what some of the best options are on the market. 

3 Reasons Why Dartboard Stands Are Used

What makes darts a versatile sport is that people who are new to the game can still enjoy it with experienced players. Besides, you can play this game as long as you have a board, a set of darts, a scoring sheet, and somewhere to hang the dartboard. 

Understandably, not all locations have walls or supporting pillars where you can attach the board and practice or play with your friends. However, the problem is already solved by using dart stands. If you have a good and sturdy dart stand for use, you can play darts anywhere you want. 


One of the main benefits of a dartboard stand is its portability: it can be packed and taken everywhere without additional preparation. Most dart stands can be assembled and without a problem, even by people new to the game. Just throw it in the backseat or the trunk, and you have a portable wall for your dart needs.

Outside Play

With the help of dartboard stands, anyone can play darts outside. This can be helpful for group learners, especially in school settings, where darts is one of the PE activities. It can also be used for quick setup as an activity with friends. 

Just make sure that your stand has backing support to avoid damages when the dart hits the board. Mid-tier and high-tier quality dartboard stands usually don’t have this problem. 

Practice Gear

And lastly, you can use the dartboard stand as a way to practice even when traveling. There are several advantages of adding a dartboard stand in your practice gear, and that’s convenience. Some structures (hotels, etc.) don’t allow guests to modify the walls due to potential damage. This is where accessories like dartboard stands come into play. 

Dartboard stands can be useful or not. It is based on your art practice and your lifestyle in playing the game. Casual players might not need this accessory at all. But professional players might need it to practice their throws. Most top or aspiring players practice their throw on a daily basis.

From my experience, a dartboard stand is also incredibly useful for having a dart setup without having to permanently hang your dartboard on the wall. I use the Gorilla stands Arrow Pro dartboard stand for my full darts set up at home so they are certainly a viable option for use during practice, even when you’re not traveling.

While I use the Gorilla stand personally, I’ve also done a separate roundup article on the best dartboard stands that you can check out if you’re looking for a first (or new) dartboard stand.  

Are Dartboard Stands Any Good? 

Dartboard stands are more of a niche product than an additional accessory. Not all players need to use this product to get the full experience of the game. However, for those who do need it, the dartboard stand serves its purpose and does its job successfully. 

An example of circumstances when a dartboard stand is worth it is if you lose access to your dart room temporarily (due to renovation, the extra room needed, etc.) Another example is when you and your group of friends like to hang out outdoors every now and then without skipping your weekly dart games. 

When To Use A Dartboard Stand? 

You can always count on a dartboard stand if you need a portable, yet reliable setup. Don’t forget to use high-quality products, as low-tier dartboard stands tend to wobble when your darts hit the board which is not only distracting but can disrupt the flow of your throw.

Another good reason is when you’re moving a lot on areas with low wall integrity not fit for supporting a dartboard. This could be the case if you rent in an apartment and don’t have permission to install a dartboard to the existing walls/ 

For people who have DIY skills, you can also make a custom dartboard stand that enhances your setup aesthetically. This way, you don’t need to change the room permanently, while still enjoying the custom design while playing. 

I’d mentioned earlier how this used to be the popular option but these days, I feel the quality of dartboard stands is good enough to warrant buying one outright. Unless you want the DIY project, it’s more effort these days when you could have one delivered the next morning via Amazon!

When NOT To Use A Dartboard Stand? 

Using a sturdy wall is still the better option, and it’s better to opt for it instead when available. Dartboards might receive additional damage when the wall supporting them is not sturdy enough, or when the board doesn’t have any support. Besides, adding a nail to the wall (if permitted) is a relatively easy task. 

Avoid using a dartboard stand without sturdy protection and backing behind and around the dartboard.  The reason for this is the same reason why you should not use your dartboard in a fragile wall structure or its back freely exposed. If your throw didn’t hit the board, it will likely fly somewhere else it shouldn’t.

Therefore, don’t place your dartboard stand in front of windows, electronics, or anything of value. Just because they provide versatility does not mean you can put them anywhere. Even the best players can have a dart slip from time to time or suffer a strange bounce-out so make sure your stand is placed in a safe spot.

What Are Dartboard Stands Made Of? 

There are several dartboard stand options made with different materials to accommodate the needs of a player. For casual players, a wooden dartboard stand is cheap, yet reliable. Aluminum stands might work with pros that need to practice on the go. Steel stands are heavy, yet provide a strider feel compared to both aluminum and wood. 

Wooden Dartboard Stands

Wooden dartboard stands are quite popular for DIYers and those who like to repurpose old wood. This kind of dartboard is easily the most customizable, cheap, and easy to make. Most wooden dartboard stand makers even add a cabinet-like cover for scoring and dartboard protection during storage and during the game. 

This type of stand also looks good with the board due to its classic wood-to-board look. Unfortunately, this type of stand is also one of the heaviest among the three. It is harder to move due to its weight (eliminating one of the benefits of a dartboard stand which is portability), and can also take up a lot of space during transit. 

Steel Dartboard Stands

Steel stands are the perfect companion for outdoor use. Most steel stand sets need assembly, offering a more compact experience than wood. However, these parts are often heavier and bulkier, hence, requiring a more robust travel bag. Its main appeal is its higher density, making it a very reliable stand, even in a windy outdoor setting. 

What makes the steel very appealing to some players is its aesthetic appeal. You can finish it with black paint to give it an “always-new” look. It also gives more stability than its lighter counterpart: the aluminum dartboard stand. 

Aluminum Dartboard Stands

For ease of assembly and lightness, nothing beats dartboard stands. Made with aluminum, these stands can be used anywhere because it is less bulky and lightweight. The only caveat is that these stands might lack a lot in the stability department. You might want to use this kind of stand indoors, like changing gaming rooms, for example.

In Summary

Dartboard stands are one of those products that you initially assume are unnecessary and a waste of money, the ideal set up after all is a hanging dartboard, surround, lights, scoreboard, throw line… Basically a similar setup to what you’d see on a televised PDC tournament. 

For a lot of people though, this dream setup is not a reality or possible for any number of reasons and this is where a dartboard stand can be considered a good alternative. It offers portability for practice in a number of locations, is stable and easy to adjust, and basically provides a solid alternative for those that can’t hang a dartboard at home.