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Best Dart Scorers

5 Best Dart Scorers (Electronic Scoreboards for Darts)

Darts is a game of skill, precision, accuracy, consistency… and math. 

Most of the best dart games – including 501, X01 variants, and cricket – involve keeping track of your score. I also know this isn’t something people enjoy about the game because of the number of people that read my article on whether or not professional dart players are good at math!

A traditional concept in darts is to mark your score down on a chalkboard or dry erase board, this can be used to work out points for each player and act as a visual guide but we’re now in the year 2022. Technology means we don’t need to spend time calculating scores and can focus on the part we all enjoy which is playing darts. 

Therefore, we’ve rounded up and tested the best dart scorers on the market and have narrowed it down to a few of the top options. Read on to see our recommendations for the best dart scorers and electronic scoreboards available.   

What are Dart Scorers

Dart scorers or electronic scoreboards for darts are essentially calculators that are specially made for darts. If we’re being honest, you’ll find some dart scorers to be on the more expensive side when you first start looking into them and they can seem like quite the investment but there is a reason for this. 

Dart scorers are customized to the game of darts. The calculations are pre-programmed, different game modes are included and there are additional features that include handicap modes, computer gameplay modes, and even dart average tracking and calculations

These might seem like overpriced calculators for beginners just getting started with darts but trust us, they can really enhance your darting experience and take some of the stress out of the game whilst adding to the enjoyment.

5 Best Dart Scorers 

#ProductOur Rating
1Arachnid Electronic Touch Pad Dart Scorer9/10
2Winmau Ton Machine9/10
3Viper ProScore Digital Dart Scorer8.5/10
4PerfectDarts Dartsmate Chalkie Electronic Darts Scorer8/10
5Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer8/10

At Decent Darts we try to cater to the global dart playing base and as most of our readers are UK, US, or Europe based, we’ve provided a few options for each just in case the model, in particular, isn’t available in your country. 

1. Arachnid Electronic Touch Pad Dart Scorer – Our Recommendation

Quick Review: An easy to use and affordable dart scorer. Has X01 and cricket functionality and it’s a great option for beginners due to the budget price. 

Our Rating: 9/10

Arachnid LCD Electronic Touch Pad Dart Scorer is a budget dart scorer that has all the features needed for a beginner or at-home dart player. 

This is the dart scorer I own mainly because it was affordable and looked easy to use thanks to the touch pad scorer. 

Selecting different game modes is relatively straightforward and you can track the scorer of up to 8 players making it a good option for large groups or parties. 

As you can see with the size comparison above, the scorer is a decent size (compared with a full-size dartboard) which makes it easy to input scores

The downside to the size is that the display is not really proportionate and is on the smaller side. 

It also has a voice command that many people like… I don’t like it but haven’t worked out how to turn it off yet. 

Overall, this is a basic dart scorer but it does everything you need in my opinion. It’s affordable, easy to use, and I’ve had no issues with it yet. 

I personally think it’s better than the larger Arachnid Touch Pad model that we’ll cover later but if you want a professional scorer, the Winmau Ton Machine will be the best option. 


  • Price – The main reason why I bought this particular dart scorer is because of the affordable price. Few other scorers can compete on price (especially in the UK)
  • Large Size – A large touch pad makes it quick and easy to input scores, especially for games like 501
  • Beginner Friendly – Game mode selection end inputting scores is very straightforward and ideal for beginners


  • Small Display – The display is noticeably smaller than the Winmau Ton Machine or the larger Arachnid Touch Pad Scorer – both covered in this article
  • Voice Commands – It’s a good feature for reading out scores but I don’t know how to turn it off! 

2. Winmau Ton Machine – Best Overall Dart Scorer

Quick Review: The Winmau Ton Machine is a professional standard dart scorer for 501 and is the standout option for league and competition games.

Rating: 9/10

Winmau Ton Machine is a high-end and professional quality dart scorer – mainly for 501 darts. This is easily the best option for league and tournament play

The Winmau Ton Machine is optimized for 501 play meaning score calculation is quick and effortless. When I played amateur league darts this was the scorer used by most of the teams and one of the key reasons why they preferred it – it’s easy to use even when drunk!

Scoring is accurate but arguably the best feature is average calculation. While this is the preferred option by most for competitive play, the average tracker means that it’s also an excellent option for practice to monitor your performance

By far the biggest drawback with this dart scorer is the high-end price. This is the most expensive dart scorer on the market so we obviously won’t be recommending this for everyone, in fact, it’s definitely not worth it for most people. 

With the above said, the product quality means that this should be the best option for any teams, leagues, or competitions where there will be a reliance on an accurate scorer that’s also easy to use. This is, therefore, the best professional dart scorer which is why you’re faced with a much higher price.

Overall, this dart scorer is reliable, accurate, and highly rated by all users. If you have the budget to spare, this would easily be the best option overall. 


  • Dart Averages – The dart average calculator means that players can track their performance and averages during practice or match situations
  • Mains Powered – Can be permanently mounted as it runs on mains power for a consistent and clear display/functionality
  • Quality – Great quality scorer from a reputable dart brand. Ideal for use in leagues and competitions
  • Highly Rated – This is one of the most highly rated and reviewed scorers on the market


  • Price – Easily the most expensive dart scorer on the market and will be out of budget for most casual players
  • Variety – This is mainly an X01 dart scorer, therefore, it doesn’t have the range of game modes that you’ll get with other dart scorers

3. Viper ProScore Digital Dart Scorer – Best Budget Option

Quick Review: A great dart scorer for both X01 and Cricket scoring. The large display provides an easy view from the throw line and the included mounting bracket makes it a great option for wall mounting.

Rating: 8.5/10

Viper ProScore Digital Dart Scorer is a scorer initially designed for an electronic dartboard (you can see it used in a few of the electronic dartboards by Viper) but reinvented as a standalone product specifically for steel tip darts. 

Variation is therefore key with this product. One of the best things about electronic dartboards is the range of game modes you can play due to the built-in functionality on the scorers which is something missing from the traditional game. 

With 40 games (most of which can be customized allowing for 655 different playing modes), you’ll have endless options. Like most US-based scorers, you’ll have options for traditional X01 scoring and also Cricket so this would be our best pick for anyone US or Canada-based

The scorer comes with an included mounting bracket suitable for installation on a wall or cabinet depending on your preference. Set up is easy and convenient as the bracket is fixed to the wall or cabinet which the scorer itself can then be hung from the bracket. This means you can still use the scorer portably if you choose. 

Additional features include a handicap mode which is great for groups of players of various abilities and also comes with a player vs computer mode which allows players to play solo with some competition. 

For some of the drawbacks, it’s on the small side (despite having a good display) and is also not the most durable so wouldn’t be a recommendation for players using this for daily practice. It’s definitely better suited to occasional use. 

Overall, this is a solid option in the electronic dart score range. It’s priced competitively, has multiple features and functions, and is one of the best options for everyone outside of the UK


  • Easy Mounting – Hardware is included for both wall or cabinet mounting depending on your preference
  • Competition – A handicap mode for players of varying ability combined with a computer mode for solo play means the scorer caters to all player circumstances and abilities
  • Price – This is the best budget option dart scorer having all the features you need for basic game modes without being too expensive


  • Durability – Potentially due to the price point, this isn’t the most durable scorer and won’t withstand frequent daily use.

4. PerfectDarts Dartsmate Chalkie Electronic Darts Scorer – Best UK

Quick Review: The Dartsmate Chalkie is an easy to use dart scorer best suited for 501 darts. It beginner-friendly, has a large display, and even tracks dart averages. 

Rating: 8/10

PerfectDarts Dartsmate Chalkie Electronic Darts Scorer is an affordable and beginner-friendly dart scorer. 

It sounds simple but this scorer is one of the easiest to use. The user display is clear and though it doesn’t have an extensive list of game modes or features, it does exactly what you need which is accurately calculating and displaying scores. 

The display features score, legs, and sets making this a suitable option for competition – particularly tournament or league play where multiple legs or sets are played. 

There are some features that are an inconvenience though, the main one being the power lead. It’s on the short side at around 3-foot and as the location is at the top of the scorer, you lose even more length. This makes mounting more difficult but it all depends on the location of your dartboard and available outlets.

The Dartsmate Chalkie is essentially a cheaper version of the Winmau Ton Machine. That’s not to say it matches it in terms of quality or functionality (the power lead placement being proof of this) but if you don’t have the budget, this is definitely a viable alternative. 


  • Price – Cheaper than similar products for a 501 specific dart scorer
  • Easy to Use – The Dartsmate Chalkie is beginner-friendly and easy to use 


  • Power Lead – The short power lead along with the placement close to the top of the scorer means you’re limited to where you can mount this

5. Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer – Solid Option

Quick Review: A good option in terms of touch functionality. The large display and touch pad make this easy to use and great for beginners. 

Rating: 8/10

Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer is a large and user-friendly dart scorer which is mainly favored by beginners due to the simplicity of the model. 

For display purposes, dimensions of 18 x 8 x 1.25 inches (W x H x D) is amongst the largest you’ll find over any scorer meaning the display is easy to view and easy to operate at the same time. 

There are 24 game types and while these will cover your X01 and cricket games, you also get some other good games like count up darts or all fives

One annoyance or missing feature with this scorer is that there is no undo option. This means that if you press the wrong section and add the wrong score there is no way to correct it. This can be frustrating and means you either need to factor this in on your next round to balance it out or just restart it completely. 

Another issue many people face is that once you get down to finish, the scorer will display possible out shots without displaying the remaining score at the same time. This is really frustrating for players trying to calculate scores as they throw and is not suitable for competition play. 

Those two points are however minor and it’s worth emphasizing that. For ease of use and suitability for beginners, this is a very solid option!


  • Touch Pad Scorer – The touch pad is easy to use and great for beginners
  • Larger Size – The large pad and display are definitely better than some of the smaller options on this list
  • Ease of Use – The touch pad combined with the large size and simple functionality means that this scorer is one of the easiest to use


  • No Undo – The lack of an undo function can be frustrating when you accidentally press the wrong segment as you can’t then go back to correct the error. 
  • Price – This is on the more expensive side. Some similarly priced models have better features (though these are only UK options)

Buyers Guide – How to Choose an Electronic Dart Scorer

If you’ve not purchased an electronic dart scorer before, don’t rush out and buy one without doing some research first (which you likely are doing by reading this). Below, we’ll cover some of the key things to consider before getting a dart scorer.

Different Types of Dart Scorer

There are two different types of dart scorer and they will appeal to different players depending on where you live or the type of darts you prefer to play. If you’re based in the UK, Australia, or mainland Europe, your preference will be 501 darts. 

Therefore, you want a scorer optimized for this with average calculators, double-out checkouts, simple score tracking, and easy to use inputs. 

If you are US or Canada-based, cricket is going to be your typical choice of game mode so you’ll want a cricket-first scorer with X and 0 displays and multiple player modes. Geographic location doesn’t dictate this but the two types of scorers will be X01 or cricket oriented so if you have a preference, get one or the other. 


The functions of the machine will dictate how easy and enjoyable it is to use. 

Touch pads, clear displays, battery or mains operated, wall mounting, simple instructions, easy-to-navigate menus, and a variety of game modes are all functions that will vary from scorer to scorer so ensure you know what you want from your dart scorer first. 

Additional Features

Additional features are those that make an electronic scoreboard noticeably stand out. In our opinion, the best features you can get for an electronic scorer (besides being easy to use with a clear display) is average calculators or an advanced computer player mode. 

Dart averages can show you a clearer picture of how you’ve performed during a practice session or during a match whereas a good computer mode will ensure you get efficient and useful practice when playing solo. 

Recreating a match situation is a crucial component of darts practice sessions and having a scorer that will test your ability or playing level without being predictable or overly difficult (ie hitting 12 darters every round) will help to boost your game. 


If you’re particularly bad at math then an electronic dart scorer can significantly change the way you play the game. The main change is that you’ll enjoy playing darts more. 

After playing darts for 20 years or more, I’m comfortable (though not great) at calculating scores in my head but even I can see the benefit of pressing a few buttons and then being able to focus on your next throw rather than breaking up your rhythm while calculating scores. 

Dart scorers are a niche product though so, in our opinion, the best electronic dart scorers and dart scoreboards are:

  1. Winmau Ton Machine
  2. Arachnid Touch Pad Dart Scorer
  3. Viper ProScore

Choose any one of these and you’ll see the benefit.