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Peter Wright ‘Still Doesn’t Know What Darts to Use’ Ahead of World Cup

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Peter Wright has had a season to forget by his recent standards and the Scotsman thinks his darts might be one of the main reasons for this. 

Peter Wright peaked between 2020-2022 where he won the World Championship twice as well as taking home some other prestigious titles such as the World Matchplay, The Masters and World Cup of Darts.

While he is still one of the best players in the world, his form has been poor this season. 

He finished bottom of the Premier League Darts table in a tortuous campaign and has only managed to make a quarter-finals appearance in major events as his deepest tournament run. 

We’re only halfway through 2024 and there are a lot of tournaments to come so that’s not too big of an issue at this stage, however, a comment following the Poland Darts Masters will catch many dart fans by surprise…

Peter Wright Claims He “Still Doesn’t Know What Darts to Use”

If you’ve followed ‘Snakebite’ or darts in general these last few years, you’ll know that Wright is NOTORIOUS for constantly changing his darts. 

We think this simple topic divides dart players and fans so much that Wright plays into it a bit. 

Most dart players will find a set of darts to suit their style and stick with it for the majority of their career, making small modifications where needed. 

Wright on the other hand, will quite literally change out his entire dart setup on a regular basis. 

This baffles most people because if you’ve ever thrown with a dart that’s not your ‘set’ you can relate to how alien it feels. 

He is so extreme with it that he once changed darts during a game!

Wright is playing on the biggest stage in darts where you win based on small percentages and advantages over your opponents. 

Modifying your darts setup can completely ruin your rhythm but Wright is an exception, time and time again he’ll change his darts in an effort to actually find that 1% gain to change his game for the better. 

As he changes so frequently but still wins, it’s impossible to say if he’d be better sticking to a set or whether the switching helps him. 

When he’s in a slump (like now) it definitely goes against him and this is something he’s now acknowledged. 

Speaking to Online Darts following the 2024 Poland Darts Masters at the weekend, Wright commented on his recent form: 

“I still don’t know what darts to use, ain’t got a clue. 

“But mentally wise, it’s there.”

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We couldn’t help but smile when he said he doesn’t know what darts to use, it’s possible he’s tested more darts than players on the tour have combined 👀 

So, who knows if he’ll ever reach his destination of finding ‘the perfect darts’.

For now though, his form will need to pick up going into the second part of this year. 

He’s slipped down to 10th in the PDC Order of Merit and players like Luke Littler and Luke Humphries are only getting better at the top. 

In a few weeks he’ll be at the World Cup of Darts representing Scotland with Gary Anderson

The pair have twice in the past (2019, 2021) and have been runner-up on three occasions, including as recently as last year. 

Their quality alone will see them as one of the favourites for the tournament but considering they are both not playing at the top of their games right now, it’s going to be a challenge for them. 

We’ll be bringing you full coverage next week so check back in for the full tournament preview on

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Check out his full interview below: 

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