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Luke Humphries ‘Doesn’t Want to See World Championship in Saudi’

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There’s been recent controversy surrounding the location of the World Championships but Luke Humphries doesn’t want to see it moved from Alexandra Palace to Saudi Arabia.

Alexandra Palace, or ‘Ally Pally’ as it’s more affectionately known, has been the home of the PDC Darts World Championship since 2008. 

The sport has grown hugely since then though and the 3,200 capacity venue sells out almost instantly once tickets are released.

The demand to attend this event far outweighs the capacity and this is something that has been highlighted by the PDC. 

The agreement between the PDC and Alexandra Palace is now into its final year and heading into renegotiations, Barry Hearn (PDC President) recently caused a stir in the darts community by stating there is an interest to move the World Championships to Saudi Arabia. 

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On saying that “the Saudis are keen”, he also said there is an option to stay at Ally Pally if they take over the larger 6,000 capacity hall – though this is something that would take significant work and planning. 

While fans were quite outraged to hear this, players have also publicly shared their opinion and Luke Humphries, the current World No1 has now made his opinion clear. 

Luke Humphries Says He’d “Love the World Championships to Stay at Alexandra Palace”

Following his first round win in the Poland Darts Masters, Luke Humphries spoke to Online Darts and was questioned for his opinion on moving the World Championship to Saudi Arabia. 

Luke had this to say:  

“Saudi Arabia would be great, yeah I’d play in it but I’m not an advocate for it to be the World Championships to be honest, I think the World Championships is where it belongs at Alexandra Palace. 

“That is one of those things where I think you have to be careful because the fans are what make us what we are. So, if you move away from Alexandra Palace and go somewhere else you could take away that little bit from the fans. 

“Every year we go to play at the World Championships and the fan base seems to grow and you know, you’re nothing without the fans. 

“I’d love the World Championships to stay at Alexandra Palace but I’d love to see an event in Saudi Arabia.”

Luke is a great ambassador for the sport and always gives professional responses so his voice will certainly be heard on this matter. 

There are however some pro players who would welcome the move. Gerwyn Price being the most high profile. 

Price took to Instagram following the initial news at the end of May to say this: 

“Less drunken hooligans that aren’t fans, causing fights.

“If you want that atmosphere there’s four months of it with the Premier League. People can still enjoy themselves without alcohol #PlayersFirst.”

It’s perhaps no surprise that Price is keen for a move away. He gets notoriously ‘heckled’ by fans and even resorted to wearing headphones (infamously) during a game at the 2023 World Championships. 

At the moment, we’d be seriously shocked to see the tournament move, however, money talks in sport! 

We’ve seen Saudi Arabia make big strides in other sports like boxing and football recently so we wouldn’t rule it out as an option… 

Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below. 

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