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Stephen Bunting Says “I Got Paid a Lot of Money to Change My Walk on Song to That”

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Stephen Bunting admits he wasn’t the happiest with the walk on song ‘Bird Is The Word’ and that it affected his game. 

Stephen Bunting has had a resurgence of form this year winning his first ever PDC Major, The Masters, in February and also deputising in the World Series of Darts when a top 8 player isn’t available. 

A week before winning that title, we listed Bunting in an article as one of the best players to never win a Major in the PDC, so he immediately ruined the credibility of that article 😮‍💨 

He’s currently residing in 16th in the World Order of Merit. 

This is good to be considered a top 16 player but it does mean he’s routinely being drawn against the world number 1 (currently Luke Humphries) in major tournaments.

This could make it hard for him to move up further at the moment which he admits.  

There are even calls for him to be included in the Premier League next year, something he has identified as a goal on multiple podcast appearances in recent weeks. 

For such a great year in darts for Bunting, he recently mentions that a part of his struggle in recent years was his infamous walk on song…

Stephen Bunting Walk on Song “The Bird Is The Word”

If you’ve seen ‘Family Guy’, you’ll be very aware of the mildly annoying skit of Peter Griffin singing “Bird Is The Word”. 


It’s an iconic part of the show. Something more surprising though was when Stephen Bunting selected it as his walk on song. 

There was a video that went semi viral of Bunting dancing to this song on YouTube almost a decade ago after some people had likened his image to Peter Griffin, for which Bunting dancing was him taking it in good spirit. 

He now admits though that this is something that affected his game for many years.

Speaking to Wayne Mardle on Club 501 – a new darts YouTube channel (show) produced by William Hill and presented by Wayne Madle – Bunting admits that his walk on song used to affect his game. 

“The Bird Is The Word, I got paid a lot of money to change my walk on to that. 

“It was all well and good at the time but I was more nervous in thinking more about the walk on than I was about playing. So, It sort of affected my game.”

Mardle asked if he was happy to share the figure he received and while Bunting clearly wasn’t comfortable revealing his personal finances, he did admit that it was in the ‘multiple thousands’.

At the time, that money would have helped his career and family life, with Mardle stating “you have to diversify your income as a darts player” but on reflection, Bunting felt it was doing more harm to his game. 

Now, Bunting walks out to “Titanium” and after seeing a sports psychologist and hypnotherapist, he’s put that all behind him and is in a much stronger mental state when playing. 

If he continues to have more deep tournament runs and maintains this mental fortitude, we’d expect to see Bunting emerge as a bit of a force in 2025.

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Watch the full episode on YouTube below: 

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