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How to Store Darts

How to Store Darts (3 Storage Tips For Dart Holders)

If you’ve just bought a brand new set of darts (maybe your first set) or you’re a seriously addicted player that likes to collect a variety of sets, you’ll want to store your darts properly to keep them in good condition. 

The players that show up for league games or tournaments with an organized darts case are often the better players and if you’re showing up with your darts loosely kept in your jeans pocket, well… Let’s say you won’t be taken too seriously. 

Whether you just play at home or take your darts to competitions, read on, we’ll show you how to store darts like a pro and highlight what some of the best options are. 

It seems like a boring topic but if you’re as serious about darts as we are then you’ll want to display your sets properly!

Why Do You Need to Store Darts?

Darts need to be stored correctly for a number of reasons, these include:

  • Maintaining your dartboard
  • Keeping your dart points sharp
  • Keeping darts away from children
  • Transporting darts
  • Displaying your darts

Some of these reasons are practical, some are for show, but what you can see is that there are a wide number of reasons for why you should correctly store your darts when you’re not playing. 

For maintenance purposes, most people will leave the darts in the board when not being used.

This seems convenient, however, this is actually one of the quickest ways you can damage a dartboard and reduce the longevity and quality of your board. 

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You also don’t want to leave them lying around loosely because the points will quickly start to wear or become damaged and if you have children then you don’t want to leave them lying around for obvious safety reasons. 

So, it’s important to store your darts appropriately for a number of reasons but the fun bit is of course choosing where to store them because there’s a number of options depending on personal preference. 

How to Store Darts

1) Dart Case or Dart Wallet

Dart cases/wallets are the most convenient and simple way to store darts. 

Many darts will come with a generic hard shell case for storage but once you move past the stage of being a complete beginner, investing in a good case usually becomes a priority. 

We’re avid product and gear testers on this site so as you can imagine, we end up with a stack of loose items!

Most of these we don’t want to be displayed because they are either spares or accessories. Besides putting everything in a drawer (which we do) we’ll make use of dart cases. 

The primary purpose of a darts case is to store your main set of darts and most used accessories.

These will be your match play or practice darts so having one specific dart case is recommended for players of any level. 

The next step up however is to then invest in a larger storage case.

These can come in different sizes ranging from our favorite and most used case Target Takoma Darts Wallet (full review here) to XL sized dart briefcases like the Casemaster Sentry. 

Having a range of dart cases is a simple solution to easily store all your dart accessories and tuner kits, even if you don’t keep them on display it helps to organize them in your drawers at least. 

If you’re considering this option then check out our roundup of the best dart cases on the market. 

2) Dart Caddy 

The next option for storing your darts is with a view of displaying your darts. We’re slowly but surely working on our dream dart setups here at Decent Darts and you’ll see the evolution with each passing week. 

The typical focus is usually on getting your dartboard organized so that means:

  1. Getting your ideal dartboard
  2. Mounting it either in a cabinet or wall mounted with a surround
  3. Getting a dartboard light
  4. Setting up an oche, darts throw line, or darts mat
  5. Installing a scoring system like a table holder or an electronic dart scorer 
  6. Finally, displaying your best dart sets

For the final step, you’ll want to use a darts caddy. These are also called display stands and can be hung/mounted or rested on top of a shelf. 

With either option, you’ll be able to not only store but display your best dart sets but also improve the aesthetic of your dartboard setup. 

If you’re posting your checkouts or 180’s in a Reddit forum or Facebook group, you want to make sure your setup looks impressive!

3) Dart Dock

Finally, a relatively new and incredibly cool way to store darts (in our opinion) is a darts dock. 

Now dart caddies or stands mentioned above can often be confused with dart docks but the specific type of dart dock we’re referring to is the miniature sisal dartboard stands. 

Yes, you can get miniature dartboards made from high quality sisal fiber to store your darts!

These are definitely a bit of a gimmick and are less practical than the two previous options, however, because they are actually made from a good quality sisal fiber they hold and store your darts in an incredibly unique way. 

Our dart dock of choice is the Winmau dart dock (check it out here) but any of the major dart brands like Unicorn and Mission now have their own version. 

The coolest thing about them is that they function as an actual dartboard so if you don’t mind the price tag (equivalent of a full size budget board) you can also use them for some fun dart challenges like you can see below: 

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